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L.A. Babe’s Guide: Best Brunch Spots in Los Angeles source: anthony delanoix on unsplash.com
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L.A. Babe’s Guide: Best Brunch Spots in Los Angeles

Where’s the best brunch in Los Angeles? Don’t worry–we got you. Brunch time is the best time. If we could brunch all day, all weekend, all year in beautiful Los Angeles weather, with a mimosa in hand, people watching, food watching, and straight up relaxing, that would be the life right?

There’s probably no better place to brunch than LA (duh). Here are our top restaurant picks for having the best brunch in the beautiful city of Los Angeles.

Brite Spot

brite spot best brunch los angeles source: laweekly.com

It’s a classic Los Angeles staple you can’t miss. Here at Brite Spot, just outside of good ol’ Hollywood, you’ll find delicious home cooked diner meals on their brunch menu, with the best salted honey pie you won’t stop thinking about (yes, you can have pie for breakfast). This quaint lil place serves up some breakfast comfort food: great eggs, pancakes, bacon, buttermilk biscuits–the works. And it’s just a short walk away from Echo Park, perfect for walking off the food coma.


best brunch in los angeles home source: pinimg.com

Home is where the heart is, right? That’s all you’ll find here at Home: lots o’ love! It’s the coolest brunch spot in Silverlake and Los Feliz (thank goodness they have two locations!). Home is a vintage-inspired meets European cafe meets rustic-modern, all tucked in a diner setting that is beyond perfect. This place has a fully stocked bar with all the brunch cocktail essentials–their bloody mary is delectable, and don’t get us started on their sangrias (which are BIG so make sure to wine and dine on that…like right now). They also have a killer breakfast sandwich, scramble, and home-style fries. Go Home!

Cliff’s Edge

best brunch in los angeles cliff's edge source: lamag.com

Tucked in the border of Silverlake and Echo Park, we wouldn’t be surprised if you drove past this wonder over and over again without realizing its magic. At Cliff’s Edge, you’ll be treated to luxury. From the outside, this cafe looks like just a regular building…but inside…oh wow. Picture brunching in an adult tree house patio, lined with beautiful umbrellas, colorful pillows, French bistro chairs that are to die for, all surrounded by bamboo and palms. And all of it is centered around this gigantic lopsided tree. For brunch, get their french toast, or their ricotta pancakes that just melt in your mouth. Every dish is superb.

Mohawk Bend

best brunch in los angeles mohawk bend source: housedesignerideas.com

Head to Mohawk Bend for a woodsy, mid-century type of vibe. Known for its copious list of vegan and vegetarian items (but don’t worry, they have a bunch of meat dishes, too), people go to Mohawk Bend for a chill time. With 72 craft beers on tap and artisan cocktails, how could you not (also it’s 5 o’clock somewhere)? Their house-made chilaquiles are insane, and it’s never too early to eat pizza ‘cause that’s what this joint is known for. Have a seat in the back near the fireplace for the best lighting for those brunch selfies, and try their tasty cocktails.

Hotel Figueroa

best brunch in los angeles hotel figueroa source: timeout.com

In between high-rise buildings and the sweet sounds of LA traffic is the Hotel Figueroa.  The hotel lobby itself is enrapturing: the Moroccan influences merge with Spanish Colonial art and architecture, creating a warm ambiance that is both venerable and at the same time contemporary. The tasteful interior leads to the Veranda lounge. Surrounded by fine drapes reminiscent of Barcelona, you can eat a delectable brunch as you overlook their beautiful swimming pool.


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