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The Hottest Spring Prints to Wear Right Now (& All Through Summer!) source; tobi.com
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The Hottest Spring Prints to Wear Right Now (& All Through Summer!)

Hello, sunshine! ☀️

With the weather finally making up its mind, we see requesting time off in your future. Time off to make use of those unused vacation days, letting loose during festival season, and finally finally finally catching up on sleep during finals week nights (trust us, we know the pain).

Since there’s so much to look forward to, we’re planning our outfits for whatever mood we’re going for and what’s more expressive than prints?

When it comes to all the hot spots and dots, we’ve been noticing a pattern here. A lot of spring trends right now are nothing new: eye-catching florals, sleek 90’s plaid, stripes and more – we’re obsessed with recycling hot trends from the past & making it #werk. 

The definitive difference between these beloved ‘trends’ and a straight up ‘fad’ is that these prints aren’t short-lived or just a craze, these prints will easily transition into the next season.

The prints we love, which we’ve seen just about everywhere and have been lusting over all over the ‘gram are so hot right now, today, and tomorrow! 

Eye-catching Floral

Sunny weather, bright skies, and freshly picked flowers sounds like the perfect #ootd opportunity. Add more ‘spring’ in your step by slipping into the happiest of flowers in the most vibrant colors and pastels.

Fresh Florals

Going on Stripe

Updated stripes in fresh nudes, striking reds on billowy spring rompers and tie crop silhouettes will bring you right in line in carrying your looks into the heat. The stripes everyone was loving at Coachella? Rainbow stripes! All the bright and mesmerizing shades of the color spectrum are certainly welcome this summer.


Totally Plaid About You

Oh, plaid we’re so not over you. Seen all spring being reinvented in sleek trousers, blazers, and matching sets for those Clueless vibes. If there was one print we’d give a tiny break for summer, it’s this one. But we’re not one to ditch, we totally see us flaunting it all over again come fall.

Plaid Prints


Spring Gingham

Gingham print was loud AF and everywhere as the print of the summer last year. This time, we love this print in more spring lilac as well as spring green.

Gingham Prints


Hit the Sweet Spot

Spotted all over the gram on our fave influencers, this print in micro polka dots and black & white patterns know how to hit the spot for your Sunday brunches, beach days, and summer boat trips.

Polka Dots

It’s about to get hot! Don’t forget to check back for new spring and summer arrivals every week at tobi.com!