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Party On, Babe! The Latest Holiday Party Dresses To Pull Off That All Nighter source: tobi.com
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Party On, Babe! The Latest Holiday Party Dresses To Pull Off That All Nighter

Did someone say party?

We’re always down! The holidays are finally here so we’re living our best life in the latest and greatest short, backless, tight, flashy, and stylish party dresses for pretty much every occasion!

For the early party starters when a little mimosa or two are involved, start off light with airy flare dresses or pretty floral dresses that are perfect for bridal showers, brunch parties, birthdays and special pow wows with your girls. If you’re the type of friend to get all your babes ready for a sex & the city GNO, come out strong with a statement-making fitted halter dress with strappy high heels.

Our party shop has all the party dresses for every girl to stay trendy, sexy, and most importantly, confident! With Halloween and Thanksgiving out of the way, the season of party dresses is just getting started. Now is the perfect time to start thinking about what you’re wearing to New Year’s Eve (hey, we’re big planners)!

So get ready to show out, show up, and do it for the glam!

But First, Cocktails!

The party dress that started it all. We love our shifty chiffon dresses as much as the next a-line skater dress and we’ve got all the party dress styles to prove it! Ruffles, lace ups, strappy details – we’re all about it! These cocktail dresses keep it short and flirty, with a little lace and flare to keep it feminine chic for dinner party hosting or fancy happy hours.

Meet Us in the Midi or Go Long!

Save your sophisticated midi dresses for all your formal events and office holiday party. Play up these dress silhouettes with our most loved details like ruched detailing and lace that’s perfect for after hours. A one shoulder maxi dress or long sleeve style in a classic little black dress or in spicy red is always a head turner!

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Keep Your Friends Close, But Your Bodycons Closer!

Bodycon dresses are the definition of party starter. Go wild for the night in dresses that’ll make them look twice! If you’re stepping out for the club or hitting up Vegas for the weekend, a figure flaunting bodycon dress is a must. Long sleeve, backless, sleeveless – the options are pretty limitless. Try a bandage dress with sleek cutouts for the perfect fit on your lovely curves or a strapless party dress to highlight your gorgeous neckline. For the holidays, get your party velvet on with our most stunning fits ever.


The Party of All Party Dresses

All sequin, everything. Let the ball drop it low in classic NYE colors like a silver long sleeve bodycon dress or gold sequin party dress. Give that silver and gold sequin dress that extra special touch with backless, deep v-neck, or sleeveless details or a cut-out around the bodice.

Don’t get lost in the crowd, the party starts here!