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The Ultimate Festival Packing List: Essentials You Need for an Unforgettable Festival source: get-tiny.com
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The Ultimate Festival Packing List: Essentials You Need for an Unforgettable Festival

Written by Jessica Moore

ATTN BABES: Festival season is almost here! Hold up, where’s our glitter?

little kid sprinklers source: giphy.com

Music festivals mark the coming of warmer & chiller times ahead. What can we say–we live for music festivals!

Why? The music bumpin’ in our red cups. Camping with strangers-turned-friends. The showstopping outfits–have you seen what our fellow babes wear? ? Endless heated dance-offs on a dancefloor or a field or in the woods. Bubbles and colorful fringe and faux fur as far as the eye can see. Face jewels and bright face paint. The sticky summer sweat that binds you to the crowd transfixed on your favorite band. And the collective vibration of an audience that loves to get down.

Sounds like bliss.

festival crowd source: andre benz on unsplash.com

As per usual, packing for the good times can take a turn for the bad times.

Packing for an extensive festival (we’re talkin’ 4-5 days, even longer) can be stressful, and as you look at your backpack or suitcase, you’ve probably asked yourself a couple times if you’re gonna survive.

Trust us, you will. And we can help with that.

Here is our festival packing list of essentials guaranteed to make your life easier and your partying smoother. This list has everything you need for a better life at your campsite in festival grounds; face jewels, flower crowns, and palo santo not included.

Get Campin’

festival grounds source: john such on unsplash.com

There’s the obvious stuff you’ll bring (your tent, sleeping bag, cooler, portable stove, and other general camping gear) and there are things you’ll probably forget. Here are our fave camp life essentials, plus other things to make your festival camping experience one for the books.

Mallet and Extra Tent Stakes

Better safe than sorry. Plus, it’s likely that your noob neighbors will need an extra tent stake or two, and you’ll be their hero! #sharingiscaring

Duct Tape

gummy bear duct tape festival packing list source: duckbrand.com

For emergencies and last-minute fixes. What if it’s raining and you happen to have a hole in your tent? Gummy bear duct tape is a sweet fix and you’ll feel better with than without it.

LED Camping Lantern + Fan

festival packing list - led camp light source: amazon.com

Duuuude this is a game changer! Year after year, it’s easy to forget how pitch black it gets at campgrounds, especially in your tent, and when you’re trying to find that contact lens you just dropped, well, you’re in trouble. Get this hanging LED light, equipped with a fan for a little breeze.


headlamp source: rei.com

So we’ve got the lantern, then why do we highly suggest investing in a good headlamp? You don’t want to have to lug your lantern around with you everywhere. Plus, you def need a good hands-free option going into those questionable porta potties. ?


collapsable chair festival essentials source: dissportinggoods.com

Collapsable chairs are always a good idea–you get to sit wherever you’d like! Let’s be honest: as much as we’d prefer not to admit it, sometimes we need a break from the music, you know, to get our bearings and go through our 5th outfit change of the day. Chairs make your campsite your home away from home. Did we mention this one comes with a shade?

Car Jumper

car jumper source: amazon.com

So your car battery may die, especially if you end up using your car to charge your electronics (festival hack: just don’t do it!). Best to be prepared, and hey, help out your neighbors if they need it, will ya?

Gallon of Water

Keep this one in your car just in case of emergencies, or you know, a quick DIY shower.

Get Comfortable

We’re all about going (responsibly) hard, that’s the point right? But there’s no reason to sacrifice your comfort. Pack your bags with all things cozy and your body will thank you post-fest.

Hand Warmers

hot hands - festival packing list source: amazon.com

Sure, it gets pretty hot and sweaty at music festivals, but depending on where you’re partying, nighttime temperatures can be a tad unpredictable. Here’s a great festival hack: bring hand warmers just in case. If you’re feeling particularly cold, insert one hand warmer at your neck underneath a scarf and one at your lower back behind your pants, leggings, or lack thereof. You’ll be hopping from artist to artist in full body warmth.


earplugs festival packing list source: amazon.com

Nothing sucks more than trying to sleep when you’re neighbors decide to have an after-after party in the wee hours of the morning. More power to them, but you’ll be so thankful you brought earplugs.

Pocket Blanket

matador pocket blanket source: amazon.com

This lil’ thang comes in handy! If you’re cold, it got you! Need a place to rest your bones and don’t want to dirty your bum…it got you! If you need quick shade, find some trees, and it got you, too! And it fits right in your pocket.

Oversized Blanket

serape mexican blanket festival source: amazon.com

Bring a serape blanket that’s large and cute. Perfect for lounging and picnicking. We’ve seen some babes get extra with it by bringing pillows, too! We totally approve.

Inflatable Lounger


chillbo baggins inflatable lounger source: amazon.com

Perfect comfort brought to you by Chillbo Baggins (sick name, right?), their inflatable loungers give you the best seat of the festival. It’s super simple to fill it with air and it collapses in a convenient bag. These loungers come in so many cool colors and patterns, too!

Get Clean

TBH it’s hard to get clean at some festivals! And that’s part of the experience, right? When in Rome! With all the dust and sweat, things can get dirty fast. Here are some ways to get a little cleaner during a festival.


coleman biowipes source: amazon.com

Baby wipes to the rescue! Except these are specifically made for adults who love the outdoors. Lines at festival showers (if they have them) can be looong. For refreshing moments in between your next shower, wipe yo’self. It’s absolutely an essential you can’t forget to bring.

Toilet Paper

BYOR: Bring your own roll, because you never know! You’re welcome.

Go Girl

go girl festival packing list source: amazon.com

We featured this item in our gag gifts article, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t useful! Now guys aren’t the only ones who can go standing up! If you can’t hold it through long lines at the porta-potties, find a tree in the distance, and take Go Girl with you.

Hand Sanitizer

eo hand sanitizer source: thrivemarket.com

It goes without saying that livin’ that fest life can get germy. Do as much as you can to get clean by using your fave sanitizer. Nothing stinks more than getting sick after goin’ hard.

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Get Connected

People go to festivals to disconnect, but sometimes you need to connect to reconnect, does that connect with you? Anyway, here’s the 101 on festivals and must-have electronics.

Portable Phone Charger(s)

insignia portable charger festival packing list source: bestbuy.com

Your phone is going to die and there will be limited, if any, charging stations at your venue. Bring a portable phone charger or two so you have enough juice for all those selfies! Sidenote: don’t be a noob and use your car to charge your electronics–your car will lose battery and you or someone else will have to help jump your car. So skip the hassle and rely on portable phone chargers.

Wifi Hotspot

verizon ellipsis jetpack wifi hotspot source: bestbuy.com

So we’ve established your phone is going to die, but you’re also going to probably lose signal. Don’t panic. If that Instastory needs to go out stat, a mini wifi hotspot could be a good investment.

Polaroid Camera

fujifilm instax film twin pack source: amazon.com

Shake it like a polaroid picture (yes, we still love that reference)! ?  Make lasting memories with newer and better polaroid cameras featuring multiple shooting settings! This bundle has everything to keep your memories alive post-fest.

When You’re on the Move

festival crowd source: stephen arnold on unsplash.com

You’re about to leave your campsite and venture off stage hopping, and afterward, meet up some old pals on the other side of the festival. You think you have everything for the day, but do you really? Walking across and back and forth from one side of the festival to the other can be soooo exhausting. Let’s avoid that.

Fanny Pack and Money Belt

Well how are you going to bust a move with all that stuff you have? Condense everything you need in a small fanny pack, preferably with pockets for organizing. Are you more of a lightweight? Money belts are perfect for just holding your money on your body in a discreet way.

Snacks: Jerky and Trail Mix FTW

source: amazon.com

We all need to eat, and sometimes, spending $15 on a single taco won’t cut it. Bring some jerky and trail mix with you! You can make your own healthy trail mix, or stick with store-bought. Jerky is the best protein fix you need to keep going. Not into meat? There are plenty of high-protein meatless jerky options so you won’t feel left out.

Water Bottle / Hydration Pack

Hydration is paramount! Bring a refillable water bottle or a hydration pack. Some festivals like Lightning in a Bottle (considered to be one of the greenest festivals in North America) offer free water at water stations all over festival grounds. Be smart while partying and drink more water than you usually do.

Water Mister

coregear personal water mister source: amazon.com

It’s blazing hot and shade just isn’t cooling you down, and your friends, well, they don’t do too well when they’re overheating. Bring a personal water mister with you! Mist yourself, mist your friends, mist strangers and they’ll be your friends! All around, you’re gonna stay cool.

Camp Entertainment

Admit it: there’s downtime at a festival. While you’re waiting for the day to start, or you’re focused on having the particular experience you want, here are a few things to keep things entertaining.

Portable Speaker

comiso waterpoof bluetooth speaker source: amazon.com

Sometimes you just want to play one song at a particular moment or play DJ for an hour or two while you wait for your fave artist to come on. Start your own little party within a party and bring your portable speaker! And it’s waterproof!

Bubble Maker

bubble maker blitz blowout source: target.com

What’s a festival without bubbles? You’ll be setting good vibes when you bring your own bubble maker, so get excited about all those smiles.


twister board game source: amazon.com

This classic game is way more fun in public! Twist and move your way to your fave song, and invite fellow festival goers to play along!

Beauty Must-Haves

Ok babes, makeup and festivals mostly don’t get along. Makeup is usually smeared, or covered in dirt, you’re missing an eyelash, or your face jewels are asymmetrical and that highlighter you just applied is now nonexistent. PSA: it doesn’t have to be this way! Pack these beauty must-haves!

Eyelash Glue

tobi.com - stick to you clear eyelash glue source: tobi.com

Hey, we may not be perfect, but our lashes will be. If you’re wearing falsies, make sure you get the eyelash glue that’s waterproof, just in case, because random water fights can happen, right?

Setting Spray

all nighter long lasting setting spray source: tobi.com

So you don’t literally dance your face off, use a long-lasting setting spray to make sure everything is in place and it stays that way.

Blotting Paper

tatcha blotting paper source: sephora.com

Sometimes festival pics are just not cute ‘cause flash ain’t our friend in the desert, woods, or wherever you’re livin’ it up, but blotting paper sure is! Say goodbye to oil! You can also find more budget-friendly blotting paper at your local drugstore!

Makeup Wipes

yourgoodskin makeup wipes source: walgreens.com

For spot-fixing runny mascara and cleaning off all that glitter before you hit the sack, makeup wipes are a must!


missha sunscreen source: target.com

You know the drill. Protect your skin! Bring some for your body and your face, and make sure to cover up completely.


tobi.com - watch it blue mirrored sunglasses source: tobi.com

Protect your eyes when it’s hot AF outside! We like these oversized mirrored sunglasses. It’s all about that tint though!

Floppy Hat

tobi.com - what the pom pom ivory faux suede hat source: tobi.com

Help your sunscreen out! For extra protection, make sure to bring a hat. It’ll keep you cool and reduce exposure to the oppressive sun!

And lastly…

Don’t forget your tickets!


ultimate packing list festival infographic