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14 Game Changing Pumpkin Carving Ideas on Pinterest source: webdesignmash.com
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14 Game Changing Pumpkin Carving Ideas on Pinterest

It’s pumpkin season! ? Around this time of year, pumpkin carving is a tradition we don’t necessarily know why we do, but do it anyway all in the good spirit of Halloween. With years of history behind Halloween and this miraculous jack-o lantern season, the most game changing pumpkin carving ideas and innovative ways to carve (or as we like to call it, “pimp” your pumpkin out) have emerged.

Whether your style is scary pumpkins decked out in spider webs ?️ , creepy toothy pumpkins that you swear were looking right at you ?️, or bright & intricate unicorn pumpkins ? – there are absolutely no rules to this Halloween carving past time.

With most pumpkin decorating pros, you know how to handle your way freehand using a knife and stencil. Though, anyone can learn the tricks of pumpkin carving following YouTube videos and simple step by step instructions. For beginners, sprucing up your Halloween décor with the most simplest pumpkin decorating may not actually involve any carving at all. Just use your imagination and some pumpkin design magic!

If you’re not up for scary nighttime Halloween events this weekend, stay in, dress up in your best costumebinge some truly creepy TV shows, and carve some festive pumpkins this Halloween! These pumpkin carving ideas will give your your most pimped out jack-o’lantern year yet!

Need some crowd pleasing pumpkin carving inspo? Here’s some of the carve finalists of pumpkin carving contest from This Old House.

Creepy Pumpkin Carving Ideas

So if you’re not into spooking your trick or treaters or spooking yourself out *guilty*, try this list of eye pleasing, non spooky carves to decorate your pumpkin for Halloween.

Easy Pumpkin Carving Ideas

When you’re last minute wonder, here are the perfect no carve ideas that involve simple acrylic paint, extra crafts, and absolutely no candles that can help you save time.

cookie monster pumpkin carving



mummy pumpkin carving source: hative.com



owl pumpkin carving source: bhg.com emoji pumpkin carving source: Popsugar.com

No-Carve Pumpkin Ideas

no carve pumpkin idea source: prettyprovidence.com


glow in the dark pumpkins source: onelittleproject.com




painted pumpkins source: tinselbox.com

Expert Level Pumpkin Carving Ideas

So you’re skilled in this particular craft of pumpkin carving. You’ll love drawing inspiration from these intricate expert-level pumpkin carving ideas.

game of thrones pumpkin carving source: delish.com



cannibal pumpkin carving source: lorensworld.com


obama pumpkin carving source: liveworktravelusa.com


exposed skull pumpkin source: webdesignmash.com


corpse bride pumpkin carving source: cuded.com