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5 Plants You Can’t Kill Even If You Try (Please Don’t!) source: westelm.com
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5 Plants You Can’t Kill Even If You Try (Please Don’t!)


Written by Jessica Moore


I was a notorious plant killer and I’m not proud of it.

A green thumb? Never heard of it.

Like a lot of people, I adored plants but pretty much feared caring for them at the same time. Every plant I’ve owned either drooped over or died shortly after a visit to the nursery. Sometimes I’m a forgetful waterer or tend to overwater. I forget to dust off leaves or accidentally leave them under the scorching sun for too long and they end up fried to a crisp.

Plants and I didn’t mix for a long time.

I was an irresponsible plant enthusiast determined to find an easy way into the plant world.

Why? Indoor plants can brighten any space, regardless of size. Not only do indoor plants soften corners and decorate blank spaces, but they’re also natural air purifiers! According to a NASA study, chemicals and irritants like benzene, formaldehyde, ammonia, and nitrogen oxides are absorbed by air purifying plants so you can breathe easier in your home.

And if you’re living in a situation that keeps you from having furry friends, indoor plants are the closest you’ll get to having pets (hey, they move in their own slow way!).

I figured out the reason why I was killing all my plants was two-fold: I was a neglectful plant lady (guilty) and wasn’t truly ready to care for a plant, but what I didn’t expect to discover was the other reason: all along, I was buying the wrong plants!

Easy Indoor Plants

Plant newbies: starting off with evergreen, easy-to-care-for plants eases you into caring for a green friend. You don’t want to start off with a finicky, temperamental plant like a staghorn fern and wonder why its roots are dry as a desert even after you’ve spritzed, dunked it in warm water, and fed it bananas (guilty…again). Start slow and work up to more complicated plants.

Our list of low-maintenance, almost impossible to kill plants is perfect for really busy people who want to grow houseplants with ease. You’ll earn that green thumb in no time.

(Note: as always, be sure to do additional research on plants before purchasing, especially if you have children or pets, as some can be toxic!)

Aloe Vera

aloe vera indoor plants source: pinterest.com

Best for: people who may forget they have plants, and people prone to sunburns.

Why should I get an aloe vera plant?

Aloe vera plants are super functional: snip off a piece of the succulent and remove its spiky exterior to harvest the gel to rub on burns, rashes, even cold sores!

If you’re looking for edgy decor or you’re into southwestern aesthetics, the aloe vera plant will dress up any home.

What kind of light does an Aloe Vera plant like?

Aloe Vera loves light, so place it near a bright window. But don’t overdo it. Intense heat can dry it out.

What about water?

Water your aloe once every two weeks and wait to water again when the soil is completely dry. Watch out for leaves browning or limp leaves–that means you’re overwatering!

How can I keep my aloe plant happy?

Make sure your porous pot has drainage holes to avoid rot. Add a small amount of worm castings to the topsoil during the spring or summer months for a nice treat. And make sure to select a succulent soil with good drainage.

Snake Plant

snake plant indoor plants source: pinterest.com

Best for: people who are looking for the easiest plant to care for, people who live in low-light homes, and people on the go.

Why should I get a snake plant?

Unlike most plants, snake plants are known to release oxygen at night so they’re perfect plants to keep in the bedroom. Clean air as you sleep! Plus, their marbled, twisted leaves look so cool and quirky!

What kind of light does a snake plant like?

The most appealing aspect of owning a snake plant is it thrives in a variety of lighting conditions. Snake plants do best in indirect sunlight but can also happily grow in dark corners of your home.

What about water?

Snake plants are happy when you practically ignore them. Water the soil once every two weeks (and sometimes I even go once a month).

How can I keep my snake plant happy?

Keep your home on the warm side. Dust the leaves off with a damp towel. If you avoid overwatering your plant will be a happy camper.

Rubber Tree Plant

rubber tree plant indoor plants source: pinterest.com

Best for: Tree lovers–these trees grow fast!

Why should I get a rubber tree plant?

Trees can be challenging to care for, but rubber tree plants make great indoor trees for beginners. Rubber tree plants can grow considerably tall (we’re talking up to 50 feet!). Its dark glossy leaves are striking and will modernize any room!

What kind of light does a rubber tree plant like?

Bright indirect light is best for rubber tree plants, but will also be happy in medium-light environments.

What about water?

During the spring, water once a week. During the winter, water it once or twice a month. If leaves start to turn brown or start to fall off, you’re overwatering.

How can I keep my rubber tree plant happy?

Wipe off the dust from its leaves with a damp cloth. Periodically spritz its leaves! The more sunlight the tree gets, the taller it will grow!

Peace Lily

peace lily plant source: pinterest.com

Best for: people with allergies–peace lily flowers have very little pollen.

Why should I get a peace lily?

Peace lilies are absolutely gorgeous flowering plants that prefer the indoors. Place peace lilies in your bathroom to keep mold from accumulating, or near your electronics to remove pollutants.

What kind of light does a peace lily like?

Peace lilies thrive best in both worlds: bright conditions (but no direct sunlight) and low light environments.

What about water?

Water every two or three days. Peace lilies are very forgiving plants. If the flowers sag, that’s the peace lily’s way of communicating it needs more water. Watch the flowers rebound and you’re back on track.

How can I keep my peace lily happy?

Wash your lilies with a gentle sprinkle in the shower or sink to remove accumulated dust and/or bugs. Peace lilies love humidity, so placing them in the bathroom during a hot shower, or keeping your home quite warm, will make these lilies perk.


pothos plant source: pinterest.com

Best for: people who live in low-light homes, and vine lovers!

Why should I get a pothos plant?

Pothos plants can live happily for years! They make great decorative pieces. You can even “train” your plants to grow against your walls by using hooks! They make great plants for high shelves, too!

What kind of light does a pothos plant like?

Pothos plants are low-light lovers. Keep away from direct sunlight.

What about water?

Allow the pothos plant to dry out before watering. If leaves begin to wilt or droop, the pothos plant needs more water. If you see yellow leaves, you may be overwatering.

Did you know that pothos plants can actually live without soil? They can be placed in a vase with water and grow beautifully!

How can I keep my pothos happy?

Prune your pothos plant from time to time to keep the vines thick, not thin.


Since I’ve made the switch to hard-to-kill plants, I not only have thriving plants that make my home more inviting, but I feel more confident with my indoor gardening skills.

Every plant is different, so “listen” to your plants by paying attention to their leaves, soil, and position. Caring for indoor plants is so fun and will give your home the green update it needs.

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