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L.A. Babes’ Guide: Top 10 Boba Places to try for the boba-obsessed we like la instagram via @chrissy.stardust
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Summer's Hottest Celebrity Trends of 2017

L.A. Babes’ Guide: Top 10 Boba Places to try for the boba-obsessed

One thing that never fails to bring people together is obviously food. After that? Our love for boba!

These gummy squishy, gelatin balls (also referred to as pearls and tapioca) served through giant straws are a reliable refresher to cool off on a warm day or a just a tasty treat that hits the spot. They’re fun to pop and chew in your mouth so if you haven’t stepped anywhere near a boba place, any fanatic can attest that there’s a whole new world of little black pearly treats out there waiting for you!

In today’s boba obsessed climate, everyone is quick to name their favorite spot but even quicker to claim that their favorite is the best.

Yeah, it gets serious. Though the simple rule to having a good boba tea experience is arguably the ability to customize your drink (ex: sweetness level, fruity add-ons, toppings etc.) along with the chewiness of the pearl.  

Among this list are our staff’s favorite picks that are rated for the atmosphere, delectable tea flavors,  and the extra perks you can enjoy while sippin’ on a delicious bubble tea. There’s even alcoholic boba because in LA, you already know it’s poppin’!

  1. It’s Boba Time

    With over 20 locations and counting, you can’t seem to miss this spot whenever you’re in socal. Enjoy just about everything here from their acai bowls, macarons, slushies, hot coffees and more. Order a classic milk tea or Pistachio Frappe, and they’ll have you out of the door fast.

    Blended to perfection, our milk teas await you.

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    green tea shaved ice

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  2. Urth Cafe

    This influencer favorite is widely known for a popular spot to grab lunch but people are pretty obsessed with the boba here too. This busy eatery brews exclusively organic coffee, teas, and especially their most loved matcha teas from the Wakuza District of Japan. It’s a MUST to try their food, indulge in a pastry (hello matcha tiramisu) and make sure to try their Moroccan mint boba for something new. Located in DTLA and Pasadena, it’s worth the humble brag and the cute latte art!

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  3. CoCo Fresh Tea and Juice

    This small chain is most known for whipping up fresh fruit drinks (with fruit on full display at the DTLA location) all within a simple and reasonably priced menu. A summer special you can’t miss? $1 winter melon tea drink.

    house milk tea @cocofreshteaandjuice #먹스타그램 #foodstagram

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  4. Twinkle Brown Sugar

    Every location has a great atmosphere to catch up with friends or get some work done. It should be customary to try their brown sugar milk tea and experiment with exciting flavors like their sea salt thai tea. Either way, they always list their most popular flavors you can enjoy with a salty snack on the side to share with friends.

    Twinkle fruit tea! ?

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    Boba run by the @bobagirls at @ozerolittletokyo ??#golittletokyo

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  5. Oh My Pan Bakery & Cafe

    With locations in the San Gabriel Valley and Pasadena area, it’s a neighborhood favorite to one of our employees who loves the bold taste of good old milk tea. Bonus? It’s also a bakery where you can enjoy their fluffy, freshly baked breads and famous volcano toasts.

  6. Ten Ren’s Tea Time

    Our “go to” tea spot with locations all over LA and expanding where you can enjoy a full on comfort meal (steamed rice, beef soups, hearty noodles) with your tasty tea.

    Feels so good to 讲华语 again ? #chinatownla

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  7. Tea Brick

    Located in Monterey park with an atmosphere that lives up to it’s name. We recommend ordering off the top 10 menu that includes oolong tea and classic “teabrick” milk tea that you can try with their signature honey sea salt cream. Mmm! A special perk is that their teas are served in unique reusable bottles.

    Fruit ninjas sliced up the strawberries & mango bits that are in the Christine. #teabrick

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    Keep cool out there folks ? @teabrick #welikela

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  8. Bubble U

    We knew this about this boba place before you did. This relatively new boba spot in Chinatown offers a hipster like atmosphere, yummy teas and smaller sized boba than your average. Though not lacking in flavor, their highlights are the grapefruit green tea and cucumber green tea for warmer days. Remember to take advantage of their 10% discount for students.

    My favorite kind of bubbles ?

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    Passion Green Tea w/ Lychee + Oolong Milk Tea w/ Boba {04/13/17}

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  9. Half n Half Tea Express

    With more than 8 locations, you can’t seem to miss this spot whenever you’re in LA. They offer an extensive drink, food, and dessert menu and your choice to mix their delicious teas with honey boba, grass jelly, aloe, and yummy egg pudding.

    Cooling down with a big, boba drink from Half and Half. #halfandhalf #petfriendlydining #popeyethefoodie

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  10. Labobatory

    They host occasional pop ups during Alcoholic Boba Night at Seven Bar Lounge downtown (check for specific days and times). Past flavors included Boba Sour (Midori sour), SpongeBoba (with rum) and Bobagasm (with vodka and kahlua). Not a fan? They experiment with colorful non alcoholic creations at their San Gabriel location too.

    Alcoholic boba by @labobatory

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    Alcoholic boba night with @labobatory

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Featured Image Source: We Like LA Instagram via @chrissy.stardust