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Style Guide: Celebrity-Inspired Transitional Denim for Summer to Fall Outfits source: whowhatwear.co.uk

Style Guide: Celebrity-Inspired Transitional Denim for Summer to Fall Outfits

The denim days are still not over. We live for this staple fabric. It’s casual, cool, and goes with literally every color under the sun.

This summer highlighted some notable trends–not to mention this week’s NYFW street style inspo that featured denim looks for the ages. We’ve been putting together denim outfits in faded washes, distressed deets, deconstructed hems—you name it—but with fall just around the corner, how can we make this transition from hot summer casual outfits, to fall-appropriate attire?

We’ve pulled together some of our fave celebrity street looks for some denim trends for outfit inspo as we transition from summer to fall! The immense versatility of denim clothing just might make you wish you kept your mom’s old high waist denim jeans.

The Denim Mini

Itty bitty miniskirts were all the rage in the 90s, and we’ve just about come full circle from the decade of denim & all-over print. Pair a simple mini with your fave collared shirt for a chic school outfit. You can’t go wrong with white & denim; it’s a classic combo that never fades.

How to wear it:

Pair with a long or oversized button up shirt like how RiRi wears it, with sock fit booties. Incorporating longer sleeved shirts, and/or boots with a denim skirt is the perfect way to transition from warm 80 degree weather to cooler 70s in September-October.

Add a modern twist with flared sleeve blouses, or lace up tops, too if you’re planning on dressing it up a little. You can even play up the 90s feel with a simple crop top or sleek bodysuit, and throw on a cardigan if it gets a little chilly.

Two-Tone Denim

This one’s new. The lighter and darker shade of these denim bottoms create an interesting look without being too loud or overbearing. This trend is just starting to hit the streets and gracing the runway in fall fashion. We’re looking forward to seeing more two-tone denim worn with a fall twist.

How to wear it:

We love pairing two tone denim with basic neutrals because, why not? Let the unique wash of your denim speak for itself. Pair these two-tone pieces with a grungy band tee and ankle booties for an edgy yet laidback look, or with your favorite mules and cropped sweater when the temperature drops. Either way, you’ll look chic AF.

Relaxed Denim

All hail the brilliant fashion minds that made relaxed fit, boyfriend, girlfriend, mom jeans, whatever-you-call-them) denim fashionable! This looser fit denim is chill day’s best friend. Sure, you can wear leggings instead, but this type of jean makes a little bit more of a fashion statement even if you’re feeling a tad lazy to put in a whole lot of effort.

How to wear it:

Going for ultra-casual? Nothing beats a pair of stan smiths, a graphic tee and your fave relaxed boyfriend jeans.

We’re loving any kind of patterned blouse, button down, or crop top with this look too. A fitted or tailored top looks best to provide balance, and not make you look sloppy—unless you’re going for that look, in which case, we’re totally not judging!

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Black Jeans

Trust in black–always. It’s after labor day, and we’re happy to bring back the black back. These trusty bottoms give us all kinds of grunge vibes. They mimic that go-with-everything, and pulled together kind of look that leggings sometimes can’t uphold. Wear these babies in a relaxed fit for added comfort, a distressed look for some edginess, or a classic and sleek black skinny that pairs well with absolutely everything.

source: splash news
source: denimblog.com
source: harper's bazaar

How to wear it:

We love pairing black denim with softer materials like cotton, satin or silk, and knit fabrics! Earth-toned pieces like taupe booties, or a light colored cami are perf for edgy distressed skinnies. If you’re that edgy kind of girl, though, don’t shy away from the grungier pieces like band tees, acid wash jackets, or black on black outerwear paired with black boots or mules.

Denim Jacket

If you haven’t jumped on the denim jacket trend, what’re you waiting for? Denim jackets have been by far the best year-long outerwear piece you can own. Stick a few of these in your closet in distressed, cropped, embroidered or even a light wash and black wash shade to complete any outfit. And don’t be fooled, a lighter wash can be worn in the colder months with the right combo of booties, black attire, and sweaters. Mix up your typically dressy outfits by instantly adding an effortless touch with a denim jacket. Excuse to wear that fancy satin slip to school or work? We think yes.

source: allwomenstalk.com
source: AKM-GSI & Instagram
summer to fall transitional denim source: pinterest

How to wear it:

Denim jackets can be paired with nearly anything under the sun—even dressy shift dresses. They instantly add a casual laidback feel to any outfit. Pair them with an all-black outfit if you don’t feel like doing anything crazy, or pair them with a denim bottom of a similar wash for a chic denim on denim look.

You can even go for a two tone denim look when you pair a denim jacket that is two shades lighter or darker than your bottoms (think of it as contouring but for jeans?). Our absolute fave though is pairing an oversized denim jacket with a bodycon dress, or a crop top and fitted skirt.

Classic Jeans

This wouldn’t be a complete denim article if we didn’t mention the classic denim jeans. These are a staple that everyone should have in their arsenal. We’ve been saying this throughout this lineup, but these truly go with everything! Go dressy or casual with this classic skinny fit. A higher waist always flatters your shape and accentuates curves. Throw on a funky belt, and let your top or accessories take over the spotlight. You can even be low-key and pair a classic band tee with your fave sneakers for an effortless look.

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source: Eagle Eye/Bruce/FAMEFLYNET PICTURES

How to wear them:

Honestly you probably don’t need an actual how-to for this one, but if you’re in dire need of some outfit inspo, we still got you!

Some things that you probably already have in your closet that would pair well with classic jeans are t-shirts, blouses, bodysuits, flowy or boxy crop tops, off shoulder tops, fitted long sleeve knit tops, and even wrap camis. The list seriously goes on. You can even be a little bolder and pair a midi length slip dress over cropped skinnies and sneakers for a more daring street look. Whatever you decide, remember that you can be as extra or as basic as your little heart desires—that’s the beauty of denim, babes!

So, what’s the lesson here? I guess that YOU SHOULD JUST BUY ALL THE DENIM BECAUSE SRSLY Y NOT. Lol, but on the real, denim is the most versatile type of clothing out there—well, we wouldn’t go to a formal event or anything with all-over denim, but you get the gist. If you’re at a loss for style inspo for casual or everyday wear, pick up a few denim pieces. You won’t be disappointed with the amount of outfit combinations denim jeans, jackets, skirts, shirts—you name it—would give you. If you’re looking for more recommendations for capsule wardrobe or closet essentials, we’ve got you covered on that end too!