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8 Inspirational Yogi Accounts That Prove Every Body is a Yoga Body Source: cbquality
How to Choose The Right Dress for Your Body Type
How to Choose The Right Dress for Your Body Type

8 Inspirational Yogi Accounts That Prove Every Body is a Yoga Body


Written by Jessica Moore


Every body is a yoga body! Instagram hosts the most amazing and diverse yogi community, featuring all types of bodies twisting, balancing, and practicing mindfulness. These 8 yoga Instagram accounts will inspire you to be your most authentic self in your own unique yoga journey!


For some “trill yoga” that merges yoga practice and lifestyle in conventional and unconventional spaces (to some really awesome music), check out @cbcquality.


I've rewritten what I want to say a few times because sometimes I be like too much Davina! That's just too much ? . . However I'm soooooooo FUCKING excited for this Saturday June 17th as we are hosting the first "Yoga Teacher Connect" event in which Houston yoga teachers are invited to come together for a meet and greet with fellow yoga teachers, an open practice, and meditation led by @madonnamcmanus ❤️ . . CommUNITY is where it's at❤️❤️❤️ . . . #community #event #yogacommunity #houston #yogateachers #houstonyoga #yogalove #yogalover #love #us #upsidedown #asis #inverteddaily #invertyoself #yogafriends #yogaislife #yogalife #yoga #yogis #yogi #throwback #share #connect #grow #learn #evolveordie

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@yogawithdavina is positive AF and very down to earth. Sometimes she even does yoga in heels! Davina has a lot of body positive messages to deliver, and has recently addressed the devastation of Hurricane Harvey by raising funds for relief efforts. You go girl!


 Tiffany Joiner is a yoga instructor and a paraplegic. Tiffany practices yoga to recover from her spinal cord injury and to end the stigma surrounding people with disabilities with regards to their fitness, health, and ability. Her message is one of acceptance and strength.


Thanks to all of you being really enthusiastic about #everybodyyoga, I've received a lot of exceedingly generous press lately. But real talk, if I individually shouted out every media outlet that has shown me love, I would probably blow chunks all over my computer from verbal masturbation fatigue. That being said, I'm REALLY FUCKING HONORED to be included in @fastcompany's 100 Most Creative People in Business issue- thanks for validating a career path that totally goes against the advice of every authority figure in my life. In fact, I reallllllly want to insert a few petty as fuck emojis toward some of my undergrad and grad professors but yoga is making me shut my ass up soooo ANYWAY the link to the profile is on my Facebook page- check it out if you're into that kinda thing ? Totally unrelated, I'm teaching a retreat at @1440multiversity in August AND I'll be at Hawaii Yoga Festival at @kalanioceanside in October- see you there? Check out jessamyn stanley.com for more info! Photo by the amazing @yogicphotos

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@mynameisjessamyn started doing yoga at home and has risen to yogi Insta-stardom. She now has a yoga series called “EveryBody Yoga,” celebrating every body and encouraging others to start a home practice, especially for beginners and for those who may feel intimidated by yoga studios and advanced practices.


Stay close to anything that makes you glad you are alive. – Hafiz (new free practice is up! xx)

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@adrienelouise is probably the most followed yoga teacher on IG and YouTube combined, and for a reason! Her Youtube videos are fabulous for starting your yoga journey, and her newsletters are wonderful love letters to all yogis practicing at home! Check out one of her 30-day practices on her channel! We also love her photos of her dog, Benji, who sometimes makes guest appearances on the mat with Adriene.


Valerie Sagun has a positive campaign of self-love and confidence. People magazine called her “the plus-size yogi who’s taking the yoga world by storm.” Check out her techniques and her beautiful poses with scenic backdrops.


Want some inspo from yogis who work together? @acroyoga is a fantastic account to see people from all over the world in all shapes and sizes stretching and balancing themselves and their yogi partners!


Sunset #yoga Goals ? @nayitavp, @melisfit_ & @aloyoga ?

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For your daily dose of yoga inspiration and quotes to get you through your day, check out @yogainspiration. It can really help keep your practice going!

Make sure to follow our current yogi favs on Instagram, and check out our tips for establishing a home practice! They give us all types of awesOM feels.