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17 White Elephant Gifts that Don’t Suck for 2018 source: unsplash.com
Give Back Now For Giving Tuesday & Shop For A Good Cause
Give Back Now For Giving Tuesday & Shop For A Good Cause

17 White Elephant Gifts that Don’t Suck for 2018


Written by Jessica Moore and Elaine Tu


White Elephant Gifts Galore!

The holidays aren’t about Santa, decorations, or cheer. It’s about strategy. It’s about presents.

It’s about winning White Elephant.

*cue epic cinematic voice-over + music* You gift wrapped, you entered, you fought, you protected. You’ve won.

But you can’t do all of the above without selecting White Elephant gifts worth fighting for! White Elephant games can get a little intense and ruthless. By all means, you gotta BRING IT.

The best strategic way to win White Elephant is to come prepared with a gift that will distract others from what you really want.

Think of it as an investment in your gift-filled future.

If you’re not familiar with the game or you’re looking to make White Elephant a new tradition with your family and friends, you’ve come to the right place.

How to Play White Elephant:

  1. Each participant should bring one giftwrapped and unmarked.
  2. Choose to have a spending minimum of $20,$50,$100, etc.–whatever your group can afford. You can even set a maximum if you want!
  3. If you’re hosting the party, be sure to keep the White Elephant gifts and any presents that aren’t for the game separate–the last thing you want is someone opening a gift that wasn’t meant for the game, and…well, the whole game is ruined!
  4. Next, mark numbers on pieces of paper and put them into a hat, then allow your participants to choose their fate!
  5. Obvi, whoever draws the number “1” goes first, and every number after follows.
  6. Eventually, it’ll be your turn. You can either open a new gift from the pile or steal a present that has already been opened by another player. The first player, however, has no choice but to open one from the pile.
  7. Once you’ve selected and opened a gift, you’re stuck with it unless someone steals it from you.
  8. If someone steals a gift from you, you can now choose to pick another gift from the unopened pile OR steal one from someone else.
  9. Once all the White Elephant gifts have been opened, the game is over and you can take your gift home with a sigh of relief!


  1. Prank gifts as White Elephant gifts are welcome! Just be sure that it reaches the spending minimum your group has agreed upon.
  2. Once you touch a gift, you MUST open it–all body parts are included in this ‘no touch’ rule.
  3. You can’t pick up White Elephant gifts and shake them! This is the most important–no cheating!
  4. As long as everyone in your group agrees, you can play with a stealing cap. In this situation, you can limit the amount of steals for a single gift. For example, you can establish at the beginning of the game that any single gift can only be stolen twice. So after the second steal, no other player can take that gift from that person! *With larger groups, we definitely recommend using a higher stealing cap to make the game more interesting! 
  5. Optional: Additionally, you can play with ‘no steal-backs’ – under those circumstances, if someone steals a gift from you, you cannot immediately steal it back from them!
  6. Remember to be in the holiday spirit, try not to fight, and make some memories you’ll be laughing about for years to come!


Here’s a list of our favorite White Elephant gifts are curated with everyone in mind: your cousin that cooks, your salty sister, your friend who loves fried food…OK, enough of the fun alliteration.

Keep scrolling and purchase our favorite trending holiday gifts that will, without a doubt, dominate White Elephant, thereby securing the gift you just gotta have.

Let the games begin.

Gifts under $20



white elephant gifts that don't suck source: worldmarket.com

Marble Mugs $20

 These marble mugs are so dreamy and hypnotic, so it’s a good distraction for White Elephant. All you need is the winter drink of your choice to fill it.  Your guests will be so impressed by your taste!

healing crystal wands

Crystal Wands $12

Divert all attention to these healing crystal wands. There’s bound to be crystal fiend in your group or a friend who has always thought of starting a collection.

white elephant gifts that don't suck - triple peppers grow kit source: uncommongoods.com

Triple Peppers Grow Kit $20

Heat things up! Let your spiciest pal in the group cultivate a new hobby with this peppers grow kit! Habanero, pepperoncini, and cayenne, you know, the triple threat.

grey bento box white elephant gifts source: amazon.com

Bento Box Lunch $15

Not all lunch boxes are created equal. So step up your lunchtime game at the office or at school with something sleek & modern! After all, White Elephant party-goers will appreciate the practicality of this two-tiered bento box, which also includes a handy elastic closure.

white elephant gifts that don't suck - the perfect man source: worldmarket.com

The Perfect Man Ice Tray $9

We’re all dreaming of the ‘perfect man’. Though the ‘perfect man’ is quite unattainable (well actually, there’s Jon Snow, who said fictional characters don’t count?), in the very least you can have him in your drink instead! These cute ice trays are a great conversation starter at parties!

white elephant gifts that don't suck - pling pong source: target.com

Pling Pong $30

Everyone loves games as White Elephant gifts! So if you’re familiar with the drinking game “rage cage” this board game is extremely similar to that! The only difference is you don’t have to drink (although you could totally make this a drinking game). So if you’re not familiar with the game, don’t worry–it’s super easy to pick up! Try to be the last one standing and get the ping pong ball into others’ cups. Your board game fanatic friends will be fighting over this for sure!


Gifts Under $50

white elephant gifts that don't suck source: theverge.com

Google Home Mini $29

Life just got a lil’ easier with the Google Home Mini. It’s a hands-free voice-activated home assistant that easily connects your voice to all your devices, answers any question on your mind (like how much money does Michael Buble make during the holiday season…because at the rate we’re listening to his holiday music, we think A LOT), and helps plan your busy schedule!


white elephant gifts that don't suck - GOT goblet source: amazon.com

Game of Thrones Dragonclaw Goblet $46

Nothing like a hefty themed goblet to assert your status at home or at the office. Fit for a dragon queen (or king), this goblet will be extremely sought after–but careful, you might want to steal it for yourself!

ultimate holiday gift guide source: amazon.com

What Do You Meme? $29

We’ve all played Cards Against Humanity, right? So this game is that, except with MEMES! This game is absolutely hilarious: one player in the group selects a meme from the deck and the other players submit their best captions to fit the meme. PS. it’s definitely for adults only, and is best enjoyed with a cocktail in hand.

white elephant gifts that don't suck - squatty potty source: amazon.com

Squatty Potty $25

So here’s the thing about the squatty potty: don’t knock it ’til you try it. And when you try it, you won’t ever want go back. In other words, be prepared for the best bathroom experience ever.

white elephant gifts that don't suck - inflatable lounger source: lumens.com

Inflatable Lounger $40

Sit back & relax in these inflatable loungers you’ve probably been eyeing at your festivals and outdoor concerts. This seat for two fills up with air in mere seconds!

white elephant gifts that don't suck - teal spiral pouf source: worldmarket.com

Teal Spiral Pouf $45

An essential for any boho home, this laid back pouf is an easy way to add color and some extra seating for your guests, particularly in small spaces!

white elephant gifts that don't suck - himalayan salt-plate source: worldmarket.com

Salt Plate $30

We all need some salt action–whether it’s for full flavor, salt crusted steaks, grilled veggies, or just to show off to friends, your giftee will love this unique foodie gift!


Gifts Under $100

phone soap phone sanitizer source: amazon.com

PhoneSoap Sanitizer $60

Bye bye, germs. You may have seen this handy gadget on Shark Tank. According to PhoneSoap, your cell phone is currently carrying 18 times more bacteria than a public toilet. Yuck! Now that’s disgusting. Zap bacteria away with this UV sanitizer.

white elephant gifts that don't suck - polaroid snap instant digital camera source: amazon.com

Polaroid Snap Instant Digital Camera $70

This ain’t yo mama’s polaroid! This ultra-slim polaroid instant camera allows you to take all your fabulous photos and print them immediately, using no-ink technology! So cool! Isn’t technology crazy?!


instant pot gift source: amazon.com

Instant Pot $70

Fresh rice in 5 minutes, anyone? If you haven’t heard of the Instant Pot, well, your life is about to get so much easier. This magical kitchen appliance is a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, and steamer, and more, all in one! Give the gift of saving time in the kitchen–everyone will be fighting for this gift.


white elephant gifts that don't suck - ohderii projector source: amazon.com

ohderii Mini Projector $100

Whenever it’s time to play White Elephant, people are always on the look out for electronics. So step up your entertainment game with this inexpensive mini projector, perfect for outdoor and indoor viewing! This is definitely a gift worth fighting over, so use this one to your advantage to get what you want.

See, these White Elephant gifts don’t suck at all! We see winning in your future. JK, after all, the holidays aren’t about screwing over your fam for stuff, but damn is it a whole lot of fun! Can’t think of gifts to give on a more personal level? Our ultimate gift guide can help with that. Remember: White Elephant is a game so…*insert a moral lighthearted trope here*  GO BIG OR GO HOME.