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Shine Like the Sun with these Summer Accessories
Top Swimwear Picks According to Summer Activities
Top Swimwear Picks According to Summer Activities

Shine Like the Sun with these Summer Accessories

An outfit is never truly complete without a dash of glam. While summer is all about laid back vibes and achieving a natural glow, the best looks are those that are styled with complementary summer accessories. Plain tee and shorts? Take it up a notch with a fabulous pair of shades and layered necklaces. Attending a beach wedding? Stun in your bridesmaid dress with the right earrings. If you’re feeling a little lost on the dos and don’ts of summer styling, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve listed our top tips and rounded up the best accessories to make every look IG-worthy.

Up that Basic Casual Ensemble

A casual summer getup styled with a layered necklace

Let’s start with the most basic of them all. You’ll see shirts and denim shorts on everyone all season, so how do you turn something so basic into a complete stunner? The answer: layering jewelry.

Mastering how to layer accessories is the key to upping any casual look. From mixing and matching different bracelets to putting on several rings, being a little extra definitely pays off!

A gold layered necklace for summer

Take the pressure off with a piece like the Days With You Gold Layered Necklace. Featuring three different pendants on separate adjustable chains, you can rock the layered look without having to think about which items go nicely with each other.

A girl wearing a layered bracelet

Give your wrists the same kind of love with something like the Wonder Space Gold Layered Charm Bracelet Set. It’s got subtle charms and dainty chains for a finishing touch that’s still casual but totally fabulous.

Be sure to choose the right shoes and throw in a good pair of sunglasses to really bring the whole look together!

Bring Chic Outdoors

A woman wearing striking summer accessories to the beach

Summer without the beach? Just not possible. Styling a look for a summer outing gives you the chance to be whimsical and out-of-the-box. Think statement accessories. You can put on fun earrings and over-the-top hats, and carry eccentric bags!

Statement summer earrings with tassels

Get your hands on chic curiosities like the Hold You Down Rust Tassel Earrings. It’s got metallic circular charms and three-tiered tassels to give your getup the flair it needs!

A stunning straw hat with pearl embellishments

To stay protected from the heat in style, check out the Lynda Brown Pearl Embellished Straw Hat. It provides excellent shade and is definitely an item worthy of an IG post!

Pack sunglasses, sandals, and more crazy accessories to keep the style meter high on vacation.

Keep the Fun in Formal

A woman in a formal summer dress

Aside from weekend getaways and thrilling water sports, summer is also a time when some of the most monumental events happen. Big fancy dinners are organized to reunite people who are otherwise too busy to make an appearance on other dates of the year. Some of your girlfriends may even tie the knot under the warm kiss of the sun.

Formal events call for sophistication and a more minimalist approach. Stick to classy picks: a simple necklace, dangling earrings, and maybe a dainty ring.

A simple gold necklace with a bar pendant

The Ashlee Gold Layered Choker is a great example of a simple necklace that is sure to take your formal summer outfit to the next level. It has thin layered chains and a cute bar pendant that’s guaranteed to help you look drop dead gorgeous.

A woman wearing drop bar earrings

When it comes to choosing earrings, opt for a pair that screams refined elegance like the The On My Mind Gold Earrings . This classy pair features a drop bar design that goes beautifully on any sort of maxi dress you can slip into.

Strap on some heels before leaving the house so you can glide through the whole event looking like a total goddess.

However you choose to style your summer outfits, what’s more important is how you carry yourself in your getup. Chin up high and keep smiling as you take those glam shots, babe! Have a solid vacation!