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Easy Slow Cooker Recipes That Practically Cook Themselves source: pinchofyum.com
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Top 5 Outerwear Must-Haves for Fall & Winter

Easy Slow Cooker Recipes That Practically Cook Themselves


Written by Jessica Moore


As they say, the best things come to those who wait.

Acceptable things to wait for: PSLs, Drake’s next surprise album drop, the next season of The Bachelor, all of our post-drinking Postmates orders (that frankly take way too long), and above all else, slow cooker dishes.

Slow cooker magic is real. Meals simply taste better when there are hours of nice n’ slow simmering, developing complex flavors and tenderizing even the toughest meats and vegetables to create flavorful no-fuss one-pot meals.

Even the busiest among us can dump ingredients into a slow cooker, get sh*t done for a few hours, enjoy the appetizing aromas that fill your home, and eventually return to your brew ready to chow down.

This curated list of easy slow cooker recipes features high impact flavors to enjoy, especially in the fall and winter months when all you want to do is hit snooze, hibernate, and Netflix in bed all day.

And since slow cookers usually get the best reputation ever for cooking tender and succulent meat dishes, we’ve also included plant-based meals for all those vegetarians and vegans out there, or for people who’d like to incorporate more veggies in their diet.

Oh, BTW…dessert is at the end of this article (yep, you read that right), so if you wanna scroll down right now to the very end, we won’t judge.

Put your crockpot fears aside (looking at you This Is Us fans), and try these delicious slow-cooked recipes.

Plant Lovers

So you thought crock pots were just for slow cooking meat? Think again.

Veggie Lasagna

white bowl of veggie lasagna with fork source: pinchofyum.com

Who can ever say no to lasagna, and better yet, no-fuss lasagna? Pinch of Yum serves up a slightly more nutritional version of one of your favorite Italian main dishes (hello kale) with decadent layers of pasta and three types of cheese (helllllllooooo cheese).

Mushroom Bourguignon

plate of mushroom bourguignon with pasta and a fork source: veganheaven.org

If you’re a vegetarian or vegan, let’s be real. Even though you’d rather not admit it, you probably miss beef stew.  Vegan Heaven has a luscious, extra saucy umami-packed mushroom bourguignon sauce you can enjoy, completely guilt-free, over fettuccine or your go-to grain of choice. C’est incroyable!

Butternut Squash Soup

bowl of butternut squash soup with spoon, with cream and pumpkin seeds source: gimmesomeoven.com

Squashes: they’re the belles of the (fall) ball. This hearty and healthy soup by Gimme Some Oven features notes of nutmeg and sage, with hints of apple and coconut milk for sweetness, and of course, nutrient-dense butternut squash for the creamiest texture and vibrant color.

Bourbon Maple Baked Beans

purple bowl of baked beans with spoon source: averiecooks.com

If you’re a vegetarian or vegan, you understand the struggle of finding the perfect balance of sweet and savory baked beans that don’t include meat. Look no further, because Averie Cooks will leave you shook. Bourbon, molasses, brown sugar, BBQ sauce, all combine to make the best vegan baked beans you will ever have.

Corn Chowder Soup

corn chowder soup in a white bowl over a striped towel next to corn on the cob source: delightfulmomfood.com

Delightful Mom Food’s sweet and savory corn chowder recipe is decadent, showcasing a popping color for fall. It’s soothing like a bowl of sunshine. Pro-tip: if you’re in a hurry, feel free to use frozen organic corn in this slow cooker recipe!

Sweet BBQ Meatballs

fork with vegetarian bbq meatball source: emilieeats.com

While a plant-based lifestyle should consist of healthy vegetables and fruits, treat yourself once in a while to meatless meats like these yummy veggie meatballs in homemade BBQ sauce by Emilie Eats. They’re kid-friendly, too!

Meat Lovers

Without further ado…here are your tender slow cooker meats.


large plate of carnitas with tortillas and vegetables on the side source: pinchofyum.com

TFW the pork shreds perfectly and you feel like a boss about to feed the whole fam. Next time you’re throwin’ a party, make these Mexican-inspired carnitas tacos and let the compliments pour in.

Homemade Beef Stew

white bowl of beef stew with a side of bread source: lifemadesweeter.com

Ready for some rich flavors? Featuring chunks of beef chuck roast, Life Made Sweeter suggests to brown your slow cooker meat to deepen your stew’s flavor profile, and honestly, we’re all for it.

Italian Chicken and Broccoli Rabe Chili

bowl of italian chicken and broccoli rabe chili source: halfbakedharvest.com

Showcase those autumn veggies with Half Baked Harvest’s slow cooker version of Italian chili. This robust hands-off chili has broccoli rabe and chicken breast, adding a gorgeous and delicious touch. Cozy up with a bowl of melt-in-your-mouth goodness ASAP and freeze leftovers for easy weeknight dinners.

Asian Chicken Drumsticks

hand holding asian chicken drumstick source: yellowblissroad.com

It’s all about the soy sauce. If this Crockpot chicken isn’t the easiest weeknight dump dinner, I don’t know what is. These sweet, savory, and fall-off-the-bone slow cooker chicken drumsticks from Yellow Bliss Road are perfect finger foods to munch on for game day. Shred the meat from the bone and freeze to make Asian chicken wraps for later.


bowl of hearty chili with sour cream and lime source: ohsweetbasil.com

The folks at Oh Sweet Basil know their chili. This award-winning chili recipe, complete with ground beef, bacon, and three types of beans, has made its rounds through chili cook-offs. Our mouths are watering.


Surprise…slow cooker desserts are a thing. Best thing about slow cooker desserts? They come in HUGE batches.

Rice Pudding

bowl of rice pudding with cinnamon stick source: liluna.com

This family-friendly vanilla cinnamon rice pudding by Lil Luna is better than any fall drink you’ll ever have. Super creamy, you’ll be thinking of this dessert all year long.

Pumpkin Overnight Oats

bowl of pumpkin overnight oats source: wellplated.com

Hey, sometimes breakfast is dessert. And lucky for you, Well Plated’s recipe for make-ahead overnight oats is like enjoying a PSL and tasty oatmeal at the same time.

Death by Chocolate Dump Cake

bowl of slow cooker dump cake source: cutefetti.com

Well, the name says it all. Cutefetti combines cake mix, pudding mix, and a whole lotta Nutella for a truly decadent gigantic slow-cook cake. Don’t forget to indulge in a little ice cream on the side–this cake means business.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars

stack of chocolate chip cookie bars source: thestayathomechef.com

Seriously, when it comes down to it, everything is possible with a slow cooker. Make these sweet chocolate chip cookie bars by The Stay At Home Chef and never buy store-bought dough again!

After all that eating, you’re gonna need something to wash it down. Check out our favorite fall drinks.