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DIY Holiday Gifts: Mason Jar Gifts for Everyone on your List source: hearthandvine.com
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DIY Holiday Gifts: Mason Jar Gifts for Everyone on your List


Written by Jessica Moore


Giving DIY holiday gifts is the perfect way to show your loved ones you care! Let’s be honest–the season of giving can get a little complicated; with unreliable online orders and shipping dates, and the hustle and bustle of malls and stores, more often than not your chosen gifts are sold out, late, or lacking a personal touch.

And if you’re a procrastinator or you’ve run out of ideas like most of us (no shame) and haven’t started on the holiday shopping, things can get overwhelming. Handmade-anything adds a special touch to your gifts, even when they’re last-minute!

These DIY gifts are not only simple, quick, and fun to make, they also will add a rustic and artsy aesthetic that your friends and fam will want to show off and reuse constantly…because these DIY holiday gifts are in mason jars! Everyone loves mason jars, and your homemade gifts will especially shine in glass!

From DIY baths, mulled wine, to a cookie butter recipe that will be understandably consumed within 5 seconds of opening (hey, it’s a judgement-free zone here), mason jars are here to save the holidays (and the planet–they reduce waste, and can stylishly be used over and over again).

Here are some cheerful DIY holiday gift ideas and crafts for everyone who made it on your gift list, so whatever lovely holiday you’re celebrating, whether it’s Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or Festivus, put it in a jar!

  1. Scented Mason Jar Oil Candle Lamp

    diy holiday gifts: mason jar oil candle lamp source: hearthandvine.com

    Sure, getting a candle for the holidays is as basic as you can get, but instead of resorting to a store-bought one, why not make a cute candle yourself, showcasing all of its natural ingredients? This year, give a DIY oil candle lamp by Hearth and Vine! Scent and spice your candle with pine cones, fresh whole cinnamon sticks, and textured botanicals. Get creative with it: add in your favorite essential oils and design it with your personality. Additionally, it can double as a floating art piece! The tutorial comes complete with printable tags!

  2. Mason Jar Hanging Herb Planter

    diy holiday gifts: hanging mason jar herb planter source: ramshackleglam.com

    Plant lovers in small spaces rejoice! Give the gift of home decor and edible greens when you make this beautiful & rustic hanging herb planter, designed by Ramshackle Glam. This gift takes just a mere 3 minutes to prepare. All you have to do is throw in some rocks, pack on some dirt, add in your favorite herb, tie on the twine, and voila! Hang near a window or in your kitchen for easy access to herbs when you need them. It’s the perfect gift for your favorite foodie, too!

  3. Terrarium Mason Jar

    terrarium in a jar source: burkatron.com

    While we’re on the subject of plants, give the taste of the outdoors by building an adorable, one-of-a-kind terrarium in a mason jar! They’re low-maintenance and absolutely cheap holiday gifts to make. After all, it’s a chic way to add more green to a living space! And it’s so neat witnessing your lil ecosystem thrive. It’s the DIY gift that keeps on growing!

  4. Chocolate Chip and Oatmeal Cookies in a Jar

    dry cookie ingredients in a mason jar source: howto-simplify.com

    There’s nothing like homemade baked goods, and really, we mean it. This recipe in a jar is a cute and thoughtful gift, and compared to store-bought holiday sugar cookies, this is heaven! Simply pack all the dry ingredients in a mason jar and decorate the lid any way you’d like, though How To: Simplify has the minimalist neutral decor down! Do you have your own signature homemade recipe for the best cookies or brownies? Replace the ingredients with your own, and don’t forget to include directions!

  5. Cookie Butter in a Jar (YUP, you read that right)

    diy holiday gifts: homemade cookie butter source: abeautifulmess.com

    All of our dreams have come true. Who doesn’t love food gifts? This DIY gift idea reigns supreme, as most people love love love cookies (unless you’re a grinch). This recipe for cookie butter will blow your mind. Label your mason jar with chalk paint and chalk for some added cuteness. This can be a great stocking stuffer too if you pack the butter in a smaller jar.

  6. Stovetop Potpourri in a Jar

    diy holiday gifts: potpourri in a jar source: scratchmommy.com

    So if you’re looking for a unique gift DIY Christmas gift this holiday season, give a stovetop potpourri as a present…which, if you ask us, is like literally giving Christmas in a jar. This mix of cinnamon, cloves, cranberries, and oranges will infuse your home with the distinct smell of the holidays. And look at it–it’s so pretty! The perfect, aromatic gift!

  7. Mulled Wine in a Jar

    mulled wine in a mason jar source: buzzfeed.com

    Wine, meet winter. Mulled wine is one of the best holiday drinks, so why not give a delicious mulled wine kit in a mason jar? Fill your jar with cinnamon sticks, star anise, whole cloves, even cranberries (if your loved one is planning to consume shortly after unwrapping all their other presents)! All that’s missing is a nice bottle wine, so make sure you don’t forget that, because that would be the ultimate holiday buzz kill.

  8. Detox Bath in a Jar

    diy detox bath source: goodlifeeats.com

    Unlike those store-bought, single-use bath bombs that one hit wonders, this hand-crafted, stress-relieving detox mix of oils, tea, and salts will last beyond the holidays, and will be the relaxation dream your giftee will crave after a long day of work or school. This DIY recipe is all magic: eucalyptus and lavender soothes and calms, and the magnesium in Epsom salts helps with anxiety. Moreover, Good Life Eats also encourages adding a bit of coconut oil to your bath for a moisture boost! Detox baths make the best DIY holiday gifts!

  9. Manicure in a Jar

    diy mason jar manicure set lantern source: tidbitsandtwine.com

    Bet you can think of a certain babe that is obsessed with nail art! This budget-friendly DIY manicure jar includes all the basics for some on-point nails, including your pal’s fav shade of nail polish, top coat, and even toe separators! Throw in some nail art pens and art sheets, and you’ve nailed it ? ! This DIY crafts project is perf for trying out our favorite holiday-themed nail designs and spreading xmas cheer! Oh and also, this tutorial by Tidbits and Twine (doesn’t that name just ring?) shows how this DIY gift can double as a hanging candle holder!

DIY = YOU REALLY CARE. We hope you enjoyed these DIY holiday ideas. Christmas gifts don’t have to be complicated, and if they get a tad complicated, it’s time to get creative! These homemade holiday gifts are so awesome, you can give these jars all year long, for any occasion! When in doubt, jar it!