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13 Fun & Trendy Pool Party Accessories You NEED to ‘Gram source: ryan wilson on unsplash.com

13 Fun & Trendy Pool Party Accessories You NEED to ‘Gram


Written by Jessica Moore


swim pool dive gif source: giphy.com

We’re always dreaming of being poolside. Let’s lay out the scene, shall we?

You’re straight up chillin’, sippin’ on a fruity cocktail while your bffs are playing beer pong or flip cup off to the side. Music’s loud, the cooler’s full, sun’s a blazin’, and the water is oh so refreshing to the touch. No doubt, you’re on your way to having the best pool party (and tan) of the year and it ain’t even summer yet.

What makes a pool party, or any party with a cool body of water, absolutely awesome? Pool party accessories, duh! Make a splash and kick off the start of sunny days the right way with these stylish pool party essentials guaranteed to keep the party going.

Now, we get it…in some parts of the world, it’s anything but sunny right now. It’s okay, summer’s not that far off. So cheers to warmer times ahead, and here’s to daydreaming at the very least!

Float On

flamingo floatie.gif source: cosmopolitan.com

Nothing beats the bliss of floatin’ on a floatie. And we’ve got floaties for days.

tobi.com - Sunnylife Kick Back Red Lie On Watermelon Floatie source: tobi.com

For all around coverage, your best bet is the Sunnylife Kick Back Red Lie On Watermelon Floatie. If you love stretching out and laying back at a pool party, you’re gonna swoon over this cute durable float, especially if your idea of pool life firmly consists of staying somewhat dry (we get it).

Or if you’re looking for a floatie for two, the Sunnylife Sundaze Red Lie On Cherry Floatie is a sweet option. You can lay out on the cherries, while your partner hangs in between the cherry stems, you know, to look longingly at you. #couplegoals

Maybe you like floating solo. We love it! That’s why we have the chillest solo floaties so you can live your best pool life.

tobi.com - sweet unicorn pool floatie source: tobi.com

Take the Sweet Unicorn Pool Floatie to your next festival or spring break function and people will sense your magic from a mile away.

tobi.com - pinapple pool floatie source: tobi.com

We’re absolutely obsessed with anything pineapple, so thank goodness for our Pineapple Pool Floatie. It’s a super cute n’ colorful floatie that doesn’t take forever to blow up (you’re welcome).

And for the grand floatie finale, we present to you the prettiest flamingo you ever did see, the Sunnylife Life is Beautiful Rose Gold Flamingo Ride On Floatie. Life is truly beautiful when you get to ride this large floatie, which has enough room for two if you want to share. This little guy (I’ll call him Howard) is also fully equipped with handles for rough waters typical in a backyard pool. Kidding (although games of Chicken can get pretty crazy), but you can take this flamingo to spring break shenanigans and festivals that have water (you know, the best kind).

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Blow it Up

Image result for pool party gif

Next up, the quintessential pool party accessory award has to go to the infamous and ever evasive beach ball, am I right?

What’s a party without a bouncing beach ball? Nothing, but what’s a party with an average beach ball? Boring!

tobi.com - sunnylife life is beautiful rose gold flamingo ride on floatie source: tobi.com

Our Sunnylife Feeling Beachy Red Inflatable Watermelon Beach Ball is a fresh take on this must-have accessory: you get to see inside of the ball (cool!) and the little watermelon seeds coupled with the outline of the fruit look so beautiful spinning in the air. And guess what? There’s a repair patch included, just in case one of your friends acts a fool. We got chu.

So you’re lazily lounging on your floatie and can’t, for the life of you, get up from your sunny throne to grab a drink from the table. When you finally muster the energy to, and as you mount your flamingo (good ol’ Howard) again, you quickly realize there’s nowhere to put your drink. What a buzzkill.

How can you properly get your chill on without your drink floatin’ with you? Solution? Cup holder floaties!

These small but genius floaties take the hassle out of day drinking in water.

Plus, visually speaking, a bunch of decorative drink floaties languidly floating in a pool is trés chic & Instastory aesthetic-approved. #doitforthegram

tobi.com - palm tree heaven multi cup holder floatie source: tobi.com

Our Palm Tree Heaven Multi Cup Holder Floatie gives your drink a sliver of shade. You won’t be losing track of where your drink is with that palm tree floating around. Now about that refill…

Throw Some Shades

Enough of the boring sunglasses. It’s time to stand out.

Our Quay Super Girl Mirror Sunglasses personify cool. The silver mirror lens with the light pink frame are the perfect shades for both spring and summer. They’ll go perfectly with the Somedays Lovin Spirit Flies Multi Bandeau Bikini Top and Bikini Bottom featuring a matching light pink print that feels totally tropical.

Lay Out

cute towel gif source: parhlo.com

Throwback some drinks on our cute towel collection!

tobi.com - ban.do wish you were here giant beach towel source: tobi.com

You won’t be able to resist our stunning towels, perfect to accentuate your pool party outfit, like the Ban.do Wish You Were Here Giant Beach Towel. Sorry not sorry if this causes FOMO amongst your friends. Sunbathing encouraged.

tobi.com - ban.do be mine giant heart shaped towel source: tobi.com

Feeling romantic? Make room for a cutie on your Ban.do Be Mine Giant Heart Shaped Towel, a power red towel with an adorable rope fringe trim. Kissing encouraged.

tobi.com - sunnylife sweet escape pineapple beach towel source: tobi.com

Party like a pineapple! Take your pineapple obsession to the next level and lounge on the Sunnylife Sweet Escape Yellow Pineapple Beach Towel. This towel will take you island (or pool) hopping in style.

Happy splashing at your next pool party bash!

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