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Activewear Outfit Ideas to Hit Those New Year Goals source: tobi.com
Winter, Bring It: Chic Winter Outfit Ideas for 2019
Winter, Bring It: Chic Winter Outfit Ideas for 2019

Activewear Outfit Ideas to Hit Those New Year Goals


Written by Jessica Moore


Athleisure is our brand of ultimate fashion-meets-function. People still can’t seem to get enough of this casual yet active aesthetic, dominating series of fashion cycles, everyday streetwear looks, and fashion week runways (and we’re not complaining).

Merging activewear comfort with an edgy punch, athleisure looks are practical, durable, and versatile, which is probably why this obsession isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Let’s transcend the monotonous leggings & plain tee combo and freshen up your activewear capsule with these on-trend athletic ‘fits.

Strapped in Mesh

tobi.com - gorgeous gal cirss cross back sports bra source: tobi.com
tobi.com - gorgeous gal high rise mesh detailed leggings

For a classic throwback look with a dark contemporary twist, pair the Gorgeous Gal Criss Cross Back Sports Bra and throw on the Gorgeous Gal Mesh Detailed Leggings to complete your all-black ensemble. The sports bra is wonderfully breathable and provides great support for your girls. These high waisted leggings aren’t your average workout leggings: with subtle mesh paneling at the calf, this whole look has edge written all over it.

Get Glazed

tobi.com - camille glazed sports bra source: tobi.com
tobi.com - camille glazed sports bra

For a standout glossy finish, pairing strappy lace up details with mesh inserts exudes the edgy vibe you crave. Get the Camille Glazed Sports Bra and the  Camille High Rise Glazed Mesh Leggings because it’s important to look chic even when you’re sweatin’.

A Little Laced

tobi.com - louise high rise criss cross bottom leggings source: tobi.com
tobi.com - break free lace up leggings

Channel your love for lace up details while you work out with these unforgettable leggings. For just a touch of crisscross at the ankles, put on the Louise Criss Cross Leggings. Or if you wanna go big, the Break Free Lace Up Leggings, because knee high lace up deets are totally a thing. 

Game, Set, Match

tobi.com - leo twisted front sports bra source: tobi.com
tobi.com - lydia asymmetrical sports bra

Let’s set you up.

Introducing our best matching sets to set you apart from all those other yogis. Adding sheer inserts, cutouts, and textured moto deets to all your activewear looks, however small they may be, indicate that you’ve invested some time in your workout ‘fit, but never too much time because really, your style is effortless.

Get the Leo Twisted Front Sports Bra and the Leo Motto Mesh Leggings for your next outdoor workout sesh. Add the Lydia Asymmetrical Sports Bra and the Lydia Side Mesh Leggings to your pilates rotation to switch things up.



Sneak Off

source: tobi.com
tobi.com - steve madden memory sneakers

These super comfy Piers Sneakers add a spin on your classic solid white sneaks with a chunky construction so you can run in style. You’ll want to live in these sneaks.

Or take chunky footwear looks to new heights with Steve Madden’s Memory Sneakers. Heavy lifting just got easier with this memory platform sole.

These activewear and athleisure looks will make you stand out athleisure choose to wear them. Shop activewear for more inspo.

Work it out, babes! Or don’t…you do you!