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Style Guide: Chic & Cozy Thanksgiving Outfits
Appetizers for Thanksgiving: Finger Foods So Finger Lickin' Good
Appetizers for Thanksgiving: Finger Foods So Finger Lickin' Good

Style Guide: Chic & Cozy Thanksgiving Outfits

We’re welcoming the season of food coma with our stomachs empty and our hearts full! Nothing makes us happier than reuniting with our crazy families for dinner, close friends during our friendsgiving potluck tradition, and knowing we have access to pumpkin everything!

Even just thinking about it makes us want to unbutton our jeans a notch! Pumpkin pies, savory stuffing, sweet yams, leftovers – we’re pretty much ready for it all! So when it comes to getting our Thanksgiving outfits ready, we always like to wear the right outfits that allow us to properly stuff our faces while still looking put together.

Warning: the following cozy looks do not contain leggings (sorry leggings, we still love you!). But don’t get us wrong, comfort is just as important as satisfying our need to feast during the holidays and if you haven’t heard:

Comfort is always in fashion.

We’re all about these Thanksgiving outfits to look cute and feel comfy for the holidays this year!

All the Dressings, Please

chic and cozy thanksgiving outfits for fall source: bloglovin.com

Cozy like your favorite sweater, just sexier. We love a simple sweater dress outfit because it allows us to feel comfy all around and in the right places. If the weather feels like an Indian summer like it does in LA, simple short booties or pumps would look amazing to show of those pretty stems of yours. If the weather’s more chill and you’re looking to be more covered up, tights and thigh high booties are another great cozy look.

Cozy for the (Food) Coma

chic and cozy thanksgiving outfits for fall source: stealthelook.com

We would never exclude our classic sweater and jeans combo! This look is oh-so food coma approved. Give yourself some room for more with a loose or oversize fit sweater. Chunky knits are your best friends! Switch up your sweater variation and try a cold shoulder cut out or bring out that stylish turtleneck that’s been hiding in your closet! Pull the look together with a good pair of jeans and ditch those boots for trendy high heels. Throw on your fave tailored coat or outerwear piece to brave the cold, and you’re ready for any Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving festivity! 

Leather Weather

chic and cozy thanksgiving outfits for fall source: dailymail.co.uk

When black clothing makes up 90% of our wardrobe, black on black is forever a combo that makes perfect sense to us. A black leather jacket makes it easy to tuck in with a casual v-neck t-shirt or a fall favorite, a plaid button up shirt underneath. If you’re feeling a tad extra this holiday–extra cold that is–a shearling lined faux leather jacket is the ideal choice. If there was ever a time for oversized looks, this is it. 


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Colors + Prints

chic and cozy thanksgiving outfits for fall

We’re ready for a real treat this fall with pops of color and trendy prints, contrary to previous years. Red is really having a moment, and yes, even before December. You’ll look dressed up without feeling like it, and that’s a relief. Pair bright pants with classic coats or even bright blazers with printed blouses or pants to mix things up and keep fall fashion fresh.

Jump On This

chic and cozy thanksgiving outfits for fall source: pinterest

When your Thanksgiving festivities call for dressier outfits, opt for a chic jumpsuit! They’re easy to throw on and go, keep your legs covered from oftentimes brisk walks from the car to the house, and make you look classy and fashion-forward. If you have to go the formal route or have a fancy event planned for Thanksgiving–work parties and family parties included–it’s no surprise that a jumpsuit will add instant sophistication.