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The Ultimate Style Guide to Look Fabulous on Your Graduation Day

The Ultimate Style Guide to Look Fabulous on Your Graduation Day

Who doesn’t want to look good at graduation? Not only does this day give tribute to all the nights you’ve spent hitting the books, it also marks the end of an unforgettable era. You’re going to look back at this moment time and time again, so trust us when we say you have to bring your A-game!

Here is Tobi’s ultimate style guide for a graduation look you’d want to reminisce for years to come:

Choosing an Outfit

More often than not, your school will require you to wear a graduation robe. In choosing an outfit, keep in mind that for the most part of the ceremony, you’ll be wearing a loose and often toasty toga. This means you have to be extra careful when deciding on your outfit’s color, length, and type of fabric. The safest bet would be something sleek and a bit body-hugging to avoid unflattering bulkiness and creases.

An asymmetrical bodycon dress for graduation

The Maddie Black Bodycon Dress is a perfect example of a streamlined outfit that doesn’t disappoint. It’s got a classy asymmetrical hem, v-neckline, and thigh-high slit that offers a touch of sex appeal.

While going for something short is a staple, there’s no reason you can’t rock a midi or maxi dress as you march on stage, especially when you’re looking to add a dash of drama.

A woman in a wine maxi dress for graduation

Something like the Rise Above Wine Lace Up Maxi Dress proves you’re not limited to just tea-length gowns. Extending all the way to your ankles, long graduation dresses give the crowd an extra taste of your outfit underneath the robe, making a subtle, yet totally unforgettable statement.

A spring-inspired floral graduation dress

For all unapologetic fashionistas out there, graduation isn’t the time to lay low! While it could be a little tricky to pull off, playing with colors can be both fun and rewarding. Since the ceremony usually takes place sometime around spring, you can use this to your advantage and experiment with youthful prints and patterns.

A floral dress like the In Mind Ivory Multi Rose Print Maxi Dress will have you looking on-point for the season and help you stand out. Just remember to check the color wheel to make sure you’re not clashing with your school’s colors.

An elegant white jumpsuit for graduation

Now we all know how every girl wants to find the perfect graduation dress. But just because (almost) everyone is doing it, doesn’t mean you should conform! Jumpsuits make for fabulous graduation outfits that just ooze sophistication. Don’t believe us? The Say No More White Jumpsuit might do the trick. Who needs a white graduation dress when you can slip into this beauty in all its off-shoulder and wide-leg glory.

Getting the Right Kind of Shoes

You’re going to be doing a lot of things on your feet at graduation. From waiting outside the venue to finally walking up the stage, so comfort should be as important a consideration as style.  

Sure, looking stunning from head to toe is a big deal, but being distracted by blisters and discomfort is, too! Plus, there’s no shame in admitting walking with added height is challenging because, girl, we feel you.

Nude platform heels

Platform heels are perfect for finishing your look strong without killing your feet. Stick to neutral colors like the Avalon Nude Ankle Strap Heels and there’s no way you’ll sacrifice style over comfort.

Black strappy stilettos

But if you’re really confident (or just plain stubborn), take it all the way with classic stilettos. In a couple of bad boys like the Diti Black Strappy Heels, you’ll feel like an in-demand fashion model giving the runway walk of her life. Still, we mean it when we say you’ll thank yourself for wearing shoes with ankle straps. Those bad boys will keep things in place and help you balance whatever the pose.

White studded suede heels

Or, you can skip the ankle-snapping heels and go gorgeously low with our Dolce Vita Dorah White Studded Heels. The three-inch studded block heels give the no-fuss suede strap detail an edge, letting you strut your stuff without dealing with sore feet after the ceremony. Plus, these bad boys go with almost any dress or jumpsuit you lay your hands on.


Finally, a special getup isn’t truly complete without a little bling. Accessorizing is an important step to look gorgeous so you wouldn’t want to skip it on graduation day.

A girl wearing a gold layered necklace

Pick a necklace that suits the neckline of your outfit. V necklines benefit from pendant necklaces while sweetheart necklines blend perfectly well with short statement pieces like the Gold Kenzie Layered Necklace.

A bold jeweled bracelet

Outfits with halter necklines or a one-shoulder silhouette already have a lot going on up there so it’s best to keep it clear of jewelry. Instead, go for earrings or bracelets for a chic finishing touch. Bold items like the Gemma Gold Multi Jeweled Bracelet will give that final punch to knock everyone off their feet.

Whatever you end up wearing on the big day, what’s important is that you stick to your guns and own it. Congratulations, babe!