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12 nifty home accessories to organize your dorm room, office, room, or apartment! source: kikkerland designs, inc.

12 nifty home accessories to organize your dorm room, office, room, or apartment!


Let’s face it–school is sometimes a drag, but your workspace or living space doesn’t have to be. We’ve put together a dope list of the coolest practical items you should have in your dorm room, office, apartment or desk. Increasing productivity doesn’t just start with a good night’s sleep–sometimes even those are rare, but we’ve got something that can remedy your sleep schedule, and even that mess of a desk.


The bedside caddy

source: kikkerland design, inc.


Yeah, you have a desk, but your body’s calling for the bed; it’s where you’re most productive. We totally feel it. While the large flap of this caddy slips horizontally between your mattress and bed frame, the pocket is the perf place for your essentials–your phone, headphones, pens & pencils–and that book you’re supposed to read for American Literature. If you’re someone who does everything from the comfort of your bed, you need this.


Cable Ties

Kikkerland Color Cable Ties source: kikkerland design, inc.
Kikkerland Color Cable Ties source: kikkerland design, inc.


Sure, you can DIY something similar, but sometimes we don’t have time for that…

These velcro strips keep your sh*t together–whoops, we mean it keeps your cables together! They keep those wires neat and organized. The assorted colors also help you remember which cords were for your lamp & bed lighting, and which ones were for the computer or game consoles. Cable ties will help a lot so you don’t accidentally unplug your computer in the middle of a research paper you have due in the morning!


Letter Organizer

source: kikkerland designs, inc.


Of course we’re going to throw a grizzly bear in here! This isn’t just a cute bear silhouette sculpture for your desk.. It’s a letter organizer! Part of becoming a full-fledged adult is handling your own responsibilities–bills, student loan statements, letters from the DMV, or even return receipts! Keeping them all in one place in a letter organizer allows you to, well, find them, but also have them front and center so you don’t forget to take care of anything pressing!


Multi Tool Pen

source: kikkerland designs, inc.

Kill three birds with one stone…wait why would anyone do that?? Scratch that–you get what we’re trying to say. This pen is a 3-in-1: a pen (black ink), a spirit level (perfect for hanging things level), and a screwdriver. Honestly, even if you’re only using the latter two during move-in time, you can use the pen for a long time after! We love these multi-use products when it comes to keeping things minimal; no need to buy a level & a screwdriver separately!


Pizza Night Light

Kikkerland Pizza Night Light source: kikkerland designs, inc.
Kikkerland Pizza Night Light source: kikkerland designs, inc.


Yes, you read correctly. It’s a pizza with a purpose. You won’t have to tell anyone you’re afraid of the dark. This is the perfect excuse to get away with having a nightlight in the dorms. It’s also an awesome conversation starter piece when you have friends over!


Charging Station Tower

source: amazon

We’re always connected–but the devices that tether us to the world need a little TLC, too. Make sure everything’s charged and ready to go at all times with this desktop charging station. (We’re far too dependent on Google Maps and Waze to know where we’re going without it amirite?)


File Folders

source: ban.do design

Of course, you’ll need some folders to keep all your important documents and graded papers in one place (in case you need to dispute a parking ticket, or even a grade!). These folders say exactly what they need to say, and are the perfect practical accessory to your desk arsenal.


Memo Pad

source: Knock Knock


Some people prefer planners, some people prefer mental notes, others prefer digital note-taking, and some people prefer sticky notes. If you want something that’s right there in front of  you, on your desk, this weekly notepad is perfect. Writing things down can also help you remember to do things (especially for you kinetic learners), so why not do it in style?


Curved Shape Lap Desk

source: trademark innovations


Okay, we know this one looks weird, but we’ve got reasons for including this one in the lineup! It’s not just a regular lap desk–this one has straps that hold down the pages in your book (or textbook). Maybe we’re being a little extra, but we get tired of holding the pages down sometimes when you’re deep into a good read, and losing our spot when we need to grab a cup of coffee is a pain! It also doubles as a desk if you’re doing some work on your bed.


Space-Saving Hangers

source: Wonder Hanger


One of the most dreaded things about moving to the dorms or even into an apartment is moving your clothes. Good thing is, you get to reorganize everything! Okay, maybe that’s not a good thing for everyone, but at least you’ll be able to purge what you didn’t need and better organize the stuff you’re keeping! These hangers are basically magic. You can hang up to 30 lbs of clothes onto each one, and they cascade so you’re able to maximize your limited closet space! Excuse to bring more (or buy more) clothes? We think so.


Collapsible Food Containers

source: juvale


When storage is limited, we need any help we can get! These collapsible silicone containers are perfect for storing not only food, but also any small trinkets or accessories. When you’re not using them, simply flatten them and store. Thanks to nifty things like collapsible food containers, we can save valuable drawer or cabinet space!


Phone Mount

source: Bestek


It’s 11pm and you’re in bed, but you’ve got to check your IG feed, or read some blog articles from Tobi Blog before actually sleeping. 5-10 minutes in, and your arms and fingers are already cramping (or worse, you’ve dropped your phone on your face). If this is you nearly every night, you need this gooseneck phone mount. Simply clip the anchor on the nearest desk or headboard edge, mount your phone into the contraption, and maneuver the gooseneck to a place where you can easily see your phone screen. Voila–no more tired cramped hands or painful phones to the face (ouch!).

These practical gadgets and home accessories will help you survive your daily activities day in and day out. If you’re anything like us, you probably love things that make life easier, but who doesn’t?