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7 Simple Hacks and Tricks to Organize and Decorate Your College Dorm, Apartment, or Home source: bhg.com
12 nifty home accessories to organize your dorm room, office, room, or apartment!
12 nifty home accessories to organize your dorm room, office, room, or apartment!

7 Simple Hacks and Tricks to Organize and Decorate Your College Dorm, Apartment, or Home

If your college dorm is as messy as your brain when going back to school, we got some super simple dorm room organization ideas for you.


Let’s be honest—dorms are one of the most limited living spaces. But with a little bit of creativity and smart purchases, you can create an organized and functional home-away-from-home.


Settling in a dorm room needs no more than a day of dismantling things and putting them back together. One day. Done deal. It’s a tiny room after all.


However, moving to a new space for college—that will be your second home—is a huge responsibility. For the most part, keeping it neat and organized. Decorating your dorm to a cozy, functional room is essential to thrive in your newfound independence.


Are you ready for a college dorm makeover? Here are eight simple hacks and ideas for organizing and decorating your dorm room.

Use a flatware tray for your supplies


source: askannamosley.com


From your multi-colored highlighter pens to your tangled cables, it’s quite distressing to rummage through that mess just to find a paper clip. Keep desk supplies in order by organizing them inside your drawer using flatware trays. With your school essentials kept in place, all you have to worry about are your lessons and schoolwork.


Maximize your room by using a shower caddy as storage

source: bhg.com



Living in a dorm means you need to make do with limited space. Store your school supplies in a shower caddy and hang it on your wall. Saves you space and makes organizing things easy.

Use bread tabs to label cords

source: lifehacker.com

What’s worse than accidentally unplugging the wrong cord—i.e. your desktop computer while writing an important, unsaved research work? To keep this, and other cord-related dorm room nightmares from happening, make use of bread tabs to label wires and cords.

Use soda can tabs on hangers


source: ideabottle.blogspot.ca

Just loop the soda can tabs on your hangers (all the way down to the neck of the hanger), then loop the second hanger through the other hole of the tab, to make additional room for more clothes

Create DIY magnet board

source: americancrafts.typepad.com

Old, steel trays are dependable kitchen scraps you can re-purpose to magnet boards—from pinning important school notes and spur-of-the-moment ideas to reminding yourself of your monthly dorm room dues. It’s also an adorable wall decor!

Choose the right paint color, lighting, and accents


source: royal essence

Shades of beige and blue create feelings of warmth and fuzziness, and are very soothing in the eyes making them perfect for bedrooms.


Also, take advantage of your windows and let natural light in your room. Exposure to natural light can boost your productivity and mood.


Lastly, when decorating your dorm, remember that less is more. Place scented candles, plants, and your knick-knacks to add personal flair.

Create colorful washi tape wall decor


source: sketch42blog.com

Your bare room can be transformed into a charming living space by adorning it with colorful washi tape art. Stick strips of washi tape onto your wall and form shapes and designs of your own.