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15 Pug Instagram Accounts we’re totally gushing over source: @itsdougthepug
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8 Inspirational Yogi Accounts That Prove Every Body is a Yoga Body

15 Pug Instagram Accounts we’re totally gushing over

Nothing makes us happier than coming home from a long day at work and being greeted by our furry little friends. If you’re like us, on our free time we like to google adorable pictures of puppies, laugh at hilarious dog memes, and set our puppies as our profile picture for work (we’re very pup-fessional).

Every month, we’ll be featuring different dog breed accounts to follow because among all our favorite fashion influencers, fitspo posts, and foodie accounts, these dogs seem to be killing it on IG too! This month, it must be pug on the brain.

These famous faces are known for their incredibly petite size and bug eyed wrinkly faces. You may even spot a familiar face that’s been brightening up our work days at the LA office.

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  1. Pugs

    Pugs instagram for dummies. This is the foundation to anything and everything pug. Pictured here is @puglulu (which actually makes this list to 16!), getting her summer on.

    Who is she?! ??

    A post shared by Pugs (@pugs) on

  2. Molly

    I’ve been drankin’…


    A post shared by Molly ?? (@mdmathepug) on

  3. Mr. Nigel

    We sure hope this silly pug has an accent.

    When you find out Thursday is a holiday and you had no idea #4dayweek #corpuschristi

    A post shared by Mr. Nigel the Pug (@mrnigelthepug) on

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  4. Doug the Pug

    Doug is our spirit animal and captures every food coma we’ve ever experienced at In-N- Out.

    "‪If u don't hear from me after this I'm in a food coma‬" -Doug

    A post shared by Doug The Pug (@itsdougthepug) on

  5. Homer

    Monday morning meetings be like. This pug can be seen eating all over Australia and may just be a bigger foodie than you.

    coffee keeps me busy until it's acceptable to drink wine or beer

    A post shared by Homer Pugalicious (@homerpugalicious) on

  6. Coco Bean the Pug

    Are you kidding me?! We’re obsessed with this face. ?

    ? smile it's ? hump day

    A post shared by Coco Bean ? (@cocobeanthepug) on

  7. Frank & Brenda Rule The World

    One of them isn’t happy about their happy meal. Despite this, this dream team does everything together. Just like you and your BFF… just hairier?

  8. Pug Life Po

    So.. where the ice cream at?

  9. Taro & Mocha

    A fawn pug and black pug that are the perfect match, just like their names. If this ain’t actual puppy love then I don’t know what is. Name a better duo…

  10. Buffet the Pug

    This little pug is every part of this beautiful couple’s family. They even vacation together! Ah, they grow up so fast don’t they?

    I eat flowers because you are what you eat and I want to be beautiful. ~ ? • • • • #flowers

    A post shared by ?MISS BUFFETT? (@buffett_the_pug) on

  11. Izia

    Just your typical narcissistic millennial.

  12. Amora

    A pug with better vacation #goals than us. Seen all over Brazil and living her best life. We’re only a little jealous.

  13. Chicken the Pug

    Why are mattress tags illegal to cut off? We love a dog that isn’t afraid to bend the rules. Certified badass.

    ? Vicious dog attack ?

    A post shared by Chicken the Pug (@chickenthepug) on

  14. Gwen The Black Pug

    Gwen the Pug as Chicken the Pug? This little pug has adorable costumes for daaaays.

  15. Potato

    Tobi’s LA office dog. Professional napper. Official fashion supermodel. The legend. *drops mic*

    Draw me like one of ur French girls

    A post shared by ?✨?✨?✨?✨?✨?✨?✨?✨? (@pugtatodog) on