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28 GIFs that Express All The Feels of Game of Thrones Season 7 source: HBO
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28 GIFs that Express All The Feels of Game of Thrones Season 7



So a lot of things happened in Game of Thrones Season 7: an ice dragon, a questionable romance, the fall of a despised villain, two queens going at it, and a reunion of epic proportions all reaffirm that Game of Thrones is the greatest series on television.



Here are our reactions to the best moments of Season 7:


When you wake up and realize it’s FINALLY Sunday!


When all your favorite characters finally meet (or reunite): 


When Tormund and Brienne are in the same room:


Thinking about the Hound getting sweet revenge on his brother:


When we finally get to see Drogon light up Jaime’s army:


That moment when we feel like the living actually stand a chance against the Army of the Dead:

..and then realizing…

…that the White Walkers have a dragon now.



Throughout the seasons, we’ve had to mourn an unspeakable amount of losses, but this one was one we still can’t get over…

How we all felt when the Night King took down Viserys:



Amidst the White Walkers marching toward The Wall, and the preparation for the Great War, this season has been building toward the unraveling of a new relationship–we’ve all got mixed feelings about this one though… After all,  R + L = J ?


When you realize they’ve been dropping hints all season of Jon’s true bloodline:

When you hear Jon say “Dany” for the first time…(awwww):

…and then, that awkward moment you realize Jon is putting the moves on Dany…

I guess a little incest is ok?

Yeah, we know… everything about this relationship is wrong…


So Jon does know some things.. Just not that thing..


Imagining their reaction when they find out that Jon (or should we say Aegon Targaryen) is Dany’s nephew:


Wondering how Bran is going to even begin to tell Jon who he really is…

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When Cersei meets Daenerys for the first time, and you know sh*t’s about to go down.


When the Mother of Dragons arrives fashionably late to the meeting like…


When Cersei says she’ll help fight in the Great War:

Lol, let’s be real…



How literally everyone feels about Littlefinger…


When you start to feel a little bad for Littlefinger, but remember all the sh*t he’s pulled on the Stark family:


The glorious moment when Littlefinger begs for his life. NEVER break the sisterhood.


When Theon finally stands up for himself and wins! (We’re so proud of him)


On top of all the drama and raging emotions over each episode, the real drama came outside of our regular Sunday tune-ins.


When an episode gets leaked…

…and someone asks you to watch it.


When you can’t talk about GOT at work because someone hasn’t seen the most recent episode.


When someone tells you they didn’t watch the last episode, but it’s like, Thursday.

If you’re like us and you NEEDED to debrief all the excitement of GoT every Monday, you know how that feels. It’s been 4 days and you haven’t caught up?? Get outta here!


When Season 7  is all said and done, and we realize that we’ll have to wait until 2019 for GoT to return..

It’s okay, fellow GoT fans… They’ll be back sooner than we think…

BRB, we’re going to rewatch the whole thing until HBO releases Season 8.. ?


All GIFs are sourced from GIPHY