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Capsule Wardrobe: All The Essentials source: tobi.com
DIY Spiced Bourbon & Boulevardier Cocktail Recipe
DIY Spiced Bourbon & Boulevardier Cocktail Recipe

Capsule Wardrobe: All The Essentials

If you’re reading this, it’s not too late!

Hello, 2019! Here’s to another year of possibilities, a looong winter, and where we’re not wearing space pants… yet.

For now, getting caught up in this new year means getting caught up with a brand new capsule wardrobe with all day, everyday staples that can weather any season, any place, and any time. You won’t be spending tons of $$$ on new clothes every month (take that, NY resolutions!), because you’ll be wearing these grab and go pieces all year round.

From badass leather jackets to statement booties – these are the essentials to a hot new you. Which one of these are you missing?


The LBD Update

Shop Tobi Little Black Dress source: tobi.com

True to its iconic name, you can always rely on this wardrobe must-have for pretty much anything – date nights, graduation, GNO, weddings, or stepping out for brunch. Pairs well with anything, everything, and even more black of course.



Leather Weather

Shop Tobi Leather Jackets source: tobi.com

Leather jackets are pretty much perfect for just about every season and chances are, you already own a few of these staples. Give this badass piece a refreshing new rep with rose embroidery details or power color red in friendly pleather and faux leather options – all with that brand new jacket smell.


The Leather Jacket Edit

Back to Black

Shop Tobi Graphic T-shirts source: tobi.com

No such thing as too much black. Trendy silhouettes with a cropped flare and frayed edges are our go-to this season.


The Black Denim Edit


So, Basically…

Shop Tobi Basics source: tobi.com

No fuss and no brainer, these easy clothes don’t have to be boring. Switch it up with a choker t-shirt style or rock your favorite band tee that’ll make the perfect conversation starter.


The Basics Edit


Statement Sweater

Shop Tobi Statement Sweaters source: tobi.com

There’s a 70% chance it’s still a little chilly where you are. Refreshing new palette? Try a cozy cool white sweater and load up on everything turtleneck to keep you hot all winter.


The Sweater Edit

Jean Things

Shop the latest Tobi Denim source: tobi.com

When you’ve always been a jeans kinda girl, hot new denim makes everything better. Truth be forever told, it’s all about the cut and fit! Go wild but choose wisely.


The Denim Edit


OMG Becky, Look at that Blouse!

Shop the latest Tobi Blouses source: tobi.com

All the latest blouse trends that are both work appropriate and dressy for happy hour at the same time.


The Blouse Edit


Little Black Boots (& More!)

Shop Tobi Black Boots & More source: tobi.com

Let’s be honest, a girl can never own too many cute boots! Sock, Chelsea, or heeled – these boots were made for walkin’ straight into your wardrobe.

The Boots Edit

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