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Lazy Girls’ Guide: 17 Super Easy Halloween Costume Ideas Fun Times Ahead Plaid Halter Top & Fun Times ahead plaid skirt

Lazy Girls’ Guide: 17 Super Easy Halloween Costume Ideas

Written By Elaine Tu 

It’s one of our favorite holidays—the day we can be whoever we want, scary or not. All of us love dressing up for Halloween with sexy or even scary Halloween costumes, and we’re super excited to share these easy Halloween costume ideas with you guys!

You can put together a costume that’s creative and reminiscent of your fave movie or television character, cartoon, or even just an era-inspired outfit that everyone will recognize. Some of our fave ideas stem from this year’s blockbusters, nostalgic fictional characters, celebrities, and even popular television shows! If you’re ready to party this Halloween and win some awesome prizes at costume parties, check out this curated list of costume ideas. You can even put these together last-minute, with minimal effort required. How great is that?!

Halloween Costume Ideas


15 easy halloween costume ideas last minute Fun Times Ahead Plaid Halter Top & Fun Times ahead plaid skirt

Think you gotta try real hard for Halloween? Ugh, as if. Things are simple when new season trends are like, totally on your side. Take this yellow plaid set for instance–it’s giving us major Clueless vibes, and the check pattern is so on trend rn so you can wear it beyond Halloween, too!

Sexy Nerd…or BRITNEY


15 easy halloween costume ideas last minute Sierra white balloon sleeve crop top and fearless plaid skirt

Does a nerd even count as a costume? Maybe if you put a zombie spin on it! You can even change this up to be more of a Britney Spears Halloween costume with a fun modern spin.  Or… how about zombie Britney?? You can tell we’re having a little fun with this idea, but that just goes to show, you can get really creative with outfit pieces that aren’t just for Halloween!


15 easy halloween costume ideas last minute Killer instincts leopard print dress

Channel your inner spirit animal. You’re a fierce huntress and queen of the wild; show it with this sexy animal print minidress. As you may know, animal print is trending on runways and IG alike so you can trust that you can throw this baby on whenever you’re feelin’ fierce and frisky. Top with a cute cat ear headband and kitten heels to complete the look.



halloween costume ideas devil source: harpersbazaar.com

So we can’t all go as big as Alessandra Ambrosio, but a great way to rock the all red trend this Halloween is with a devil costume! Wear this fiery look to the club, bar, underground dance party, rave—you name it. You can even opt for a red shirt and pants instead of a dress if you’re headed to a more low-key Halloween party.

Devil in Disguise


halloween costume ideas bunny source: mydailynews.com

The bunny is a staple Halloween costume. If you don’t know what to be, this is a quick one to throw together because chances are, you probably already have some outfit pieces that home that will go perfectly with this costume idea! Pop on this adorable a plush bunny tail, and your outfit’s complete!

Some-bunny get me a drink

Legally Blonde

15 easy halloween costume ideas last minute source: giphy

Okay, not all of us can go to Harvard Law School, but we can pretend to be Elle Woods for like, one day. Bust out all your pink for a seriously inspired ensemble people will really love. You can play up the retro vibes with the early 2000s look straight from the movie, or even opt for an updated version with a pink suit, in a millennial pink tone that’s seriously of-the-moment.

Pink overload


15 easy halloween costume ideas last minute

The cat costume is something to have in your back pocket, too (in case that last minute Edward Scissorhands costume didn’t work out as well as you would’ve like). Pop on these cat ear headbands and an all-black outfit, and you’re good to go! Dress it up a bit more with a tail and a nose & whiskers drawn on your face with black eyeliner.

Cat's outta the bag

Misty Day

easy halloween costume ideas current tv shows horror source: tvstyleguide.com

We’ve been so into rocking boho looks ever since Coachella was a thing. Amp up your Halloween mood by rewatching American Horror Story and take some notes from Season 3’s Misty Day. The key with this look is jewelry with that worn-in look, patterned tops & long skirts. Take it a notch further with some kick-ass makeup and braided or curly hair. You can even accessorize with a deck of tarot cards. If you need any tip here, it’s to layer as many layers of accessories and extra-ness as possible to get this look!

From the Coven


halloween costume ideas source: pinterest.com

Distressed clothing has been the thing of this year. Sure, you can DIY, but we’ve got some great distressed pieces that are affordable and a clever use of an already trendy item! Paint some fake blood on your face and you’re good to go. Time to zombie strut your way into any party!

Kim Possible

kim possible cartoon source: wikihow.com

Call me, beep me… you know the drill. Is Disney’s Kim Possible considered a superhero? Um yes! A simple black crop top and some olive green pants paired with black gloves and black sneakers are quick and easy to throw together. Bonus points for picking up an orange wig, or if you’ve already got that beautiful reddish orange hair!

Channeling Kim

Tomb Raider

tomb raider angelina jolie source: quirkybyte.com

This is can be as sexy or as modest as you want—and feel free to adapt this look from any of the Tomb Raider outfits out there. The key is the add the strappy gun holsters if possible that you can get here.

get it, shorty


gigi hadid as sandy from grease movie source: theberry.com

Grease is a classic movie that everyone will recognize once you’ve transformed into one of its characters. Don’t forget the grease/hairspray with this one! You’ll also find this handy for Grease themed parties or for last minute costume party ideas!

hey there, slick


zorro movie source: pinterest.com

Zorro’s another classic that you can replicate with trendy items! Here are our Halloween costume ideas for this awesome flick: all-black outfits with lace-up and western details like studs are perfect for this movie theme. Cut out some black fabric for the mask, and you’re nearly done! It doesn’t matter if you’re a man or a woman—this look is awesome on anyone! It can even double as a couple costume. Zorro + Elena 4ever.

The OG Baddie

Morticia Addams

halloween costume ideas source: moviepilot.com

Yet another classic costume is that of Morticia Addams. If you’re a member of a group dressing as the Addams family, you better call dibs on this one first! If you can’t find a long sleeve maxi dress like this one, pick up a long sleeve black bodysuit and pair with a black maxi skirt. Try out some makeup tutorials to achieve that ghostly look, and pop on some black lipstick for an extra goth aesthetic. YAS QUEEN.



pirates of the carribean source: cineplex.com

With Pirates of the Caribbean as an inspiration, you’ll find tons of off shoulder options from tops to bodysuits, to dresses. Try variations of these Halloween costume ideas with embroidered details, studs, lace ups, and self tie details. You can even find some great corset pieces to tie everything together (literally). Stick to long flowy skirts or form-fitting black pants for this look. If you don’t want to get a hat, improvise with a head scarf–learn how to tie a head scarf to top off your pirate outfit.

lace up for treasure

Great Gatsby

the great gatsby movie source: hollywoodreporter.com

Ah, Gatsby. This era has such timeless Halloween costume ideas. Such a romantic and fun look to try out this Halloween. Choose an embellished or glitzy long dress and accessorize with pearl and silver jewelry to complete the look.

drippin' in gold


beyonce halloween costume source: youtube.com via buzzfeed

Michelle Obama wasn’t the only one trying out this look last year. It’s an easy one to copy, and everyone will applaud your creativity with this pop-culture inspired look (maybe even the Queen B herself). All you need is a black off shoulder top, lots of statement necklaces, bold earrings, and the hat. Braid your hair as Bey does it, grab a friend to take the iconic shot and it’s ready for the ‘gram.

Only for the Queen

Time to get creative with your Halloween costume ideas! It’s easier than you think to recreate the look of your favorite characters, celebrities, or animals. If you use any of these looks for your next costume party, tag us at #TobiHalloween!