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No FOMO! Here’s the ‘Spook’ on the Most Terror Filled Experiences in LA for Halloween source: inside the magic
Lazy Girls' Guide: 17 Super Easy Halloween Costume Ideas
Lazy Girls' Guide: 17 Super Easy Halloween Costume Ideas

No FOMO! Here’s the ‘Spook’ on the Most Terror Filled Experiences in LA for Halloween

Among all the chances of a frightening zombie outbreak waiting to happen on Earth, nothing else gives us the creeps more than the FOMO. That’s right. Halloween is a such a spectacular holiday that brings together even the loneliest of dark souls, our creepy worst nightmares, and haunted spirits (that frankly, still need closure) together under one full moon. Not to mention, it’s always all in good fun!


skeleton playing piano source: giphy.com

Whether it’s to push our limits of fear with a classic Halloween horror film or dawn the most decked out Halloween costume imaginable, there’s always something spooky going on!

So if you’re looking to freak the f*ck out or just freak out on the dance floor, here’s the most bone chilling, hair raising, & gut wrenching events you won’t wanna miss in LA during Halloween! Costumes optional ?.


Rooftop Cinema Club

beetlejuice movie source: giphy.com

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It shall be dark and there will be BOO-ze. Get spooked to new heights (literally) by watching your favorite Halloween movie on a rooftop! You can grab a bite to eat and enjoy your movie with popcorn and an alcoholic beverage. They provide headphones, blankets, and a comfy lawn chair to enjoy your experience. All month long, they’ll be playing classics like The Shining, The Exorcist, Carrie, and new favorites like The Babadook. Have a little laugh with the all time favorites like Beetlejuice and Hocus Pocus. (Visit their official website to view specific showtimes and dates)


Creep Los Angeles

Creep LA's Lore Presented by Amazon source: noproscenium.com

If you haven’t heard of Lore, you haven’t been living (or dying, depending on how you look at it). Lore is a podcast created, written, and produced by Aaron Mahnke, and it is terrifying. The podcast historically explores myths, legends, and other folklore, often revealing that humans are the real monsters. This fall, Lore lovers can witness their favorite real-life tales come to life in a new Amazon Prime television series (with the same name) from the producers of The Walking Dead. To celebrate its release, Creep L.A. and the team behind the television series are setting up shop at the Magic Box LA in Downtown for a special interactive experience, where groups of 8 are led in a one-hour walk through multiple rooms that are sure to unnerve you. Get your tickets here. And listen to Lore wherever you choose to listen to podcasts–Aaron Mahnke is a brilliant storyteller.


West Hollywood Halloween Costume Carnaval

Giant crowds celebrating Halloween at the WeHo Carnaval source: wehoville.com

Known to be the largest Halloween street party in the world, this event draws a huge crowd (in the millions!) for an outrageous parade night of dancing, drinking, and Halloween costume contests on October 31st. Make this your every excuse to bring out your inner devil, werewolf, or unicorn and marvel at the most creative costumes all night!

Best part? It’s FREE and open to the public with tons of bars nearby. Expect the unexpected where there’s bound to be live DJ sets and secret concerts.


Haunted Hayride

The evolution of demonic possessions that live within these trees have created a darkness that will leave with you, sleep with you and dream with you. 

Ride out this Halloween on Griffith Park’s Old Zoo on a tractor pulled wagon ride through the depths of your worst nightmare. This year’s theme is *shutters* clowns. Through the ride you’ll have to go on foot and escape the corn maze alongside the viscous clowns themselves. Hope you make it out alive!

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Knott’s Scary Farm

#ScaryFarm begins this week! Are you ready? ??? Knotts.com/ScaryFarm Select nights, Sept. 21 -Oct. 31

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SoCal’s largest haunted Halloween experience filled with 13 unique mazes and attractions all equally tricky and insanely terrifying. Not to mention, the 2302324 other things that are hiding in the depths of the eery fog just waiting to get you. This fan favorite event takes place every year (on Knott’s Berry Farm) and is happening this year during September 21 through October 31 (Visit website for ticket information)


Santa Monica Zombie Crawl

Zombies being zombies at the Santa Monica Zombie Crawl source: welikela.com

You’ll literally be crawling from bar to bar all decked out in your freshest (er, we mean most rotten) zombie attire. It gets serious, every bar is zombie themed and requires you to dress like a zombie, walk like a zombie (with full arms extended and legs dragging), talk like a zombie, and drink like a zombie.

If you can’t beat em’, join em’. Right? Visit here for ticket information on the 5th Annual Santa Monica Zombie Bar Crawl.

Fright Fest at Six Flags Magic Mountain

Zombies riding rollercoasters at Six Flags Magic Mountain source: modernthrill.com

No it’s not a nightmare, zombies are taking over your favorite amusement park!

Just when you thought roller coasters were scary, you can grab your family and friends for a fun filled day of thrilling rides, haunted mazes, freaky food, and a late night zombie DJ party. Sounds fun right? Not when you have zombies and ghouls haunting and chasing you throughout the park.

You’ve been warned. They will find you. Get your tickets for this weekend! Fright Fest ends October 31st! 


Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios

Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Hollywood source: universalstudios.com

If your idea of a perfect Halloween involves being trapped in a maze with the most scandalous and most feared characters from The Shining and Saw, your perfect place does exist at Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios. Featuring 8 unbelievably realistic mazes based on the most popular scary movies and thriller shows in pop culture including The Walking Dead, American Horror Story, and more. Going on through November 4th, check here for various ticket prices and options!

If you can’t make it, no worries! You can still binge the night away with these creepy TV shows. We strongly recommend locking your doors and not watching alone!