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Best Festival Accessories Under $50 for Coachella and Beyond source: tobi.com

Best Festival Accessories Under $50 for Coachella and Beyond


Written by Jessica Moore


Sun’s out, bum’s out, now where’s the music?!

So you’ve practically got your tickets and wristbands permanently attached to your body (good job!), your car is stuffed with gear and beer, and you’re ready to set up shop and scope out the scene with your squad.

Well, you know the drill. Crochet bralette: ✔ Short-short denim shorts: ✔ and shorter than ever.

So what really sets you apart from all of those other festive gals wearing pretty much the same stuff? Well, besides your glowing personality (duh), the correct answer is festival accessories.

festival accessories source: tobi.com

Just like in life outside of fest life, how you accessorize can completely change an outfit and even your mood, and make you stand out like the gorgeous unicorn you are.

Probably one of the greatest aspects of going to any music festival is how the space and experience welcome you to be whatever YOU want for a few days. And whether that means channelling your alter-ego that is obsessed with all things performative (we’re talking steampunk garb with peacock headdresses and glitter corsets, no less), or escaping your day job by living in a zebra onesie embellished with gaudy body jewelry for a weekend, festivals are a place where being extra is encouraged and celebrated.

festivals are a place where being extra is encouraged and celebrated.

With that said, go wild with it! Layer those necklaces up to your chin, flaunt those face jewels like the treasure you are, dress from head to toe in all faux leather, or cover yourself in everything iridescent. Whatever look you’re going for, we want you to get extra with it.

Here are our favorite festival accessories we’re bringing with us on our festival tour this year, and our favorite ways to style them.

Metal Me This, Metal Me That

Give us all the chains. All of them.

Layering metal necklaces and choker necklaces can create significant depth and intricacy to your outfit. Mixing metals like gold, copper, and silver emits an industrial, harder look that can contrast well with both dark and bright outfits. Plus, breaking “fashion rules” is chic AF.

Mixing and matching styles like metal charms, rhinestones, tassels, and weaving the antique with shinier jewelry makes for a more complex, thought-out yet effortless look.

This is how to do it: start from the top with your daintiest choker, and work top to bottom, increasing the size with several necklaces until you reach your clavicle. The 8 Other Reasons Good Luck Gold Charm Choker with the First Class Gold Charm Layered Choker, which truly lives up to its name, is a fantastic place to start.

tobi.com - straight shot silver statement necklace source: tobi.com

At the start of your clavicle should be your best and largest statement collar piece, like the Straight Shot Statement Necklace; interlocking chains and straight metal accents meet the metal arrowheads. This piece will make you feel like the queen you are.

tobi.com - emperor layered choker necklace source: tobi.com

Tuck in a few drop necklaces embellished with studs or metal beads behind your statement necklace, like the Emperor Layered Choker Necklace and voila! You’re a piece of metal art. Don’t worry about necklaces overlapping or covering each other–the goal is for your jewelry to look chaotic and chic all at once.

tobi.com - live it up silver chainmail bandana choker source: tobi.com

Not into statements? Replace the statement necklace with something more on the subtle yet fun side, like the Live it Up Silver Chainmail Bandana Choker. We’re in love with this metallic bandana. It may be less intricate, but it’s totally festival-aesthetic goals.

tobi.com - strap me down body chain source: tobi.com

Go one step further and adorn your body with body chains. The Strap Me Down Body Chain wraps around you like sweet armor. You’ll shine in the sun and it will help highlight your best features.

tobi.com - roman emperor metallic bralette source: tobi.com

It’s difficult not to look sexy in the Roman Emperor Metallic Bralette. How do you style a revealing bralette? Try wearing this with a mesh top or underneath a denim jacket.

Girls Just Want to Have Sun

Ain’t that the truth. We absolutely worship the sun. However, we realize we have to be careful of it, especially at summer festivals like Coachella, where temperatures can reach over 100 degrees quicker than you think. Protection is paramount.

Bring on the sunglasses and hats.


tobi.com - cross my mind orange and yellow gradient aviators source: tobi.com

Go for the classic aviator look or large mirrored sunglasses for total coverage. If we had to choose one, our current favorite is the Cross My Mind Gradient Aviators: the orange-yellow tint looks straight up like a perpetual sunset in your eyes.

Did you get the memo? If you really want to stand out, tiny sunglasses circa the early 2000s are totally back in. Side note: when anyone mentions tiny sunglasses, am I the only one who immediately thinks of AJ from the Backstreet Boys?

aj mclean backstreet boys source: pinimg.com

Or maybe Kylie Jenner is a better point of reference.

tobi.com - quay x kylie purple honey gold sunglasses source: conversationsabouther.net

There you go, much better. Pull a Kylie and wear tiny sunglasses! She’s wearing the Quay X Kylie Purple Honey Gold Sunglasses. It’ll brighten any outfit with its liquid gold finish and darling frames.

tobi.com - quay x kylie starstruck sunglasses source: tobi.com

Keep it cute and feminine with the Quay X Kylie Starstruck Sunglasses. We’re officially captivated by the beautiful pink smoke color–it’s summertime sweetness perfected in shades. Throw on one of your colorful mesh tops, and you’re set.

tobi.com - sunnylife kiss the sunset white daisy shaped sunglasses source: tobi.com

Channel your inner flower child with the Sunnylife Kiss the Sunset White Daisy Shaped Sunglasses. The yellow lens will brighten your world!

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On to the hats. Oh, we got some options.

tobi.com - take me out to the ball game medium wash denim cap source: tobi.com

If you’re going for an athleisure-meets-vintage-meets-fest look (that was a mouthful), a simple denim cap will stylishly keep the sun out of your eyes. Go with the Take Me Out to The Ball Game Medium Wash Denim Cap for some serious 90s and street style feels. When paired with a sexy, strappy bodysuit and distressed high waisted denim shorts, you’ll be ready for anything.

tobi.com - jamie black suede hat source: tobi.com

We’re feelin’ western vibes this year. The Jamie Black Suede Hat features a sexy wide brim lined with a thick braid that will fit so well with pretty much any outfit: we envision a crochet dress with combat or Chelsea boots and layers of jewelry; or a plunging embroidered romper with bohemian-inspired fringe boots. Whatever you feel, this hat will shade the way.

Let’s Face It

What’s a festival without a lil diamond dust?

tobi.com - just a dream face jewel stickers source: tobi.com

Well, nothing really…they’re a festival fashion staple! Our face jewel designs range from simple to especially decorated.

Let’s go with especially decorated first. The Just a Dream Face Jewel Sticker will surely turn heads. A mix of large and small jewels are arranged in a beautiful pattern fit for a space goddess. These will be shimmering all day and all night long–this set has a strong yet gentle adhesive so you won’t have to ever worry about losing one of your precious gems.

tobi.com - orion pearlescent face jewels source: tobi.com

If you’re looking for just a touch of cosmic sparkle, the Orion Pearlescent Face Jewels accentuates your eyes with both circular and teardrop face jewels that twinkle in the light.


Ring Leader

Stacks on stacks on stacks. Stacking rings is such an uncomplicated way to achieve boho greatness. Similar to layering necklaces, mixing and matching metals, stones, styles, and sizes can add such complexity to your ‘fit.

We make stacking easy. Think of the Put a Ring on It Antique Silver Ring Set like your starter pack: with 9 rings ranging in size (regular and midi) and style (hammered and smooth bands), your hand will feel exquisitely decorated–vintage-style.

The Into Your Heart Gold Ring Set can be your second layer of rings, creating a metal clash that is oh so captivating. The majority of rings in this set are simple bands. We’ve also included a gorgeous open ring that keeps things a little interesting.

Maybe you’re a mystic mama lookin’ for a more enchanting style. The All Jeweled Up Antique Silver Glitter Ring Set is the opalescent set of rings to rule them all. The Celeste Silver Ring Set has a hypnotizing lavender glitter finish.

Belt It Out

tobi.com - cowgirl fringe midi belt source: tobi.com

We can’t forget about belts, and how could we, with the captivating Cowgirl Fringe Midi Belt? This belt is made from the stuff of fringe dreams! Imagine dancing in this western skirt to your favorite song, swishing and swooshing your way to the middle of the crowd. When paired with a plunging black bodysuit, it’s a sexy, playful outfit that’ll attract like a magnet.

tobi.com - hot line ring statement chain belt source: tobi.com

Keep the chain theme alive with the Hot Line Ring Statement Chain Belt. It sits pretty at the waist, perfect for showcasing those dancin’ hips of yours. This waist chain looks great with denim shorts, maxi skirts, and high waisted pants as shown above!

tobi.com - beverly black and silver double buckle belt source: tobi.com

If you’re going for a more western, maybe even steampunk theme, the gorgeous Beverly Double Buckle Belt is a great vintage-inspired accessory that’s sturdy, chic, and can instantly beautify any basic high waisted shorts you may have on. We’re suckers for the double buckle belt and wide brim hat combo…ultimate western feels right there.

tobi.com - adventure awaits fringe studded belt source: tobi.com

Speaking of western, here’s another gorgeous belt you won’t want to take off. The Adventure Awaits Fringe Studded Belt is aptly named for the crazy journey you’re about to embark on. This belt has small silver and turquoise detail on the sides with a nice long fringe to tie it all together. Strut your stuff, free spirit!

Holdin’ It Together

So we got three stellar options for luggin’ your festie goods around.

Let’s start off with the classic: the mini backpack. It’s lightweight, compact, and totally easy to dance with. Bringing a mini backpack will give you ample space for everything you need on the go. Mini backpacks are perfect for day-to-night transitional outfits. Festival hack: always carry a pair of leggings with you come afternoon to avoid another campsite trip.

tobi.com - holly transparent mini backpack source: tobi.com

One of our current favorites is the Holly Silver Transparent Mini Backpack, which is an iridescent must-have for festival season. Pack it in with cute kandi, feathers, beads, anything that will give it an extra pizazz. Another backpack we adore is the Fuzzy Feels Backpack. This tiny cutie is soft to the touch! 

Backpacks are a great option. But for those who don’t have to lug a ton of stuff on festival grounds, it’s better to go with a fanny pack.

tobi.com - mytagalongs holographic silver fanny pack

For something more compact and colorful, the Mytagalongs Holographic Fanny Pack adds an iridescent touch of trippiness to your outfit. Dancing just got a little easier.

tobi.com - call me baby cell phone crossbody bag source: tobi.com

Dare to go even smaller? The Mytagalongs Call Me Baby Cell Phone Crossbody Bag will fit your cell phone and credit cards, and with an adjustable strap, you can wear this rose gold number short or long. Minimalist at its finest.

You can find all of our other gorgeous festival accessories on our Festival Accessories page. And make sure you read up on all the festival essentials you need to feel totally comfortable and prepared for the best party of your life.

And remember babes: put on some damn glitter.