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Kylie Jenner Reveals Baby Name & 5 times She Hinted at Her Pregnancy source: @kyliejenner via Instagram

Kylie Jenner Reveals Baby Name & 5 times She Hinted at Her Pregnancy

Written By Kalene Garcia


After months (but felt like years) of speculation, Kylie Jenner has finally announced the birth of her daughter! Gone are the days of “Omg, she is totally pregnant!” and “No way, she’s definitely not!” We FINALLY know for sure that Kylie was pregnant all along!

On February 6, 2018, Kylie revealed the name of her new baby girl on IG and we’ve gone insane. Meet baby girl, Stormi.

stormi ??

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The Lip Kit Queen posted a special message to her fans on IG Sunday morning. And, let’s be real, Kylie > Super Bowl Sunday. Amiright?!?


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Kylie and Jacques Webster, aka rapper Travis Scott, welcomed their baby girl on Feb 1st! On top of her Insta post above, they dropped the sweetest video that took us on Kylie’s pregnancy journey. GRAB SOME TISSUES.


Signs that Kylie gave us to tell us she was pregnant

Guys. Kylie’s confirmed pregnancy was RIGHT IN FRONT OF US THIS WHOLE TIME! While we shake our heads at our lack of better judgement and the ridiculous amount of time we spent debating her pregnancy.. Here are the signs, that she basically gave to us on a silver platter, before officially announcing her pregnancy:

Her snapchats

Back in October, Kylie posted a couple snaps that really intensified the pregnancy rumors. She posted a snap of three phone cases, two pink and one blue with the caption, “Which one? I’m thinking blue..” Although, now we know that she actually had a girl, she might not have known the sex yet. Her second snap was a selfie with the caption ‘nothing’s going to hurt you baby” I MEAN, C’MON.


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Kris Jenner’s Christmas IG post

Infamous mom-ager, Kris Jenner, posted a photo on her Instagram of pajamas she received for her grandkids. Being the math geniuses we are, we could clearly see that there are 9 pajamas shown BUT all of her known grandkids at the time were: Mason, Penelope, Reign, North, Saint, Chicago & Dream… that’s only 7..which leaves 2 sets… ONE FOR KYLIE AND ONE FOR KHLOE! We can’t make this stuff up.

Her freakin’ BABY SHOWER.

Paparazzi photos were released that showed an intimate, pink (!!!) themed pajama party that was happening at Kylie’s house. In her newly released YouTube vid (see below), we now know for sure that it was her baby shower! But, seriously, how did we not already know for sure?!


Her clothes

Every Kylie Jenner fan (and hater) knows that she’s not afraid to show some skin. And by some, we mean a LOT. So, it should have been a CLEAR sign when Kylie switched up her wardrobe to oversized shirts and sweats.

Sasha's Shirt ?

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Her social media presence

Like the rest of the Kardashian-Jenner Clan, Kylie is a social media QUEEEEEN. Not only do they have TV shows (and Kylie had her own!) to document their entire lives, they show even MORE details on social media. We almost felt like one of Kylie’s BFFs because we knew SO much about her everyday life. When the pregnancy rumors came out, Kylie noticeably dropped from social media and the public eye as a whole. A sign that she was def keeping her growing belly away from the spotlight!

Honestly, we feel like a HUGE weight (of wonder and possibilities) have been lifted from our shoulders. Imagine how Kylie feels!