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LA Babes’ Guide: Top 10 Ice Cream Spots you need to try source: rachael gorjestani

LA Babes’ Guide: Top 10 Ice Cream Spots you need to try

Do that one thing I like. Ya know, go out and get me ice cream.

As the LA heat continues, our brains are still going crazy for that cold, creamy yet dangerous sugary treat that satisfies any sweet tooth.

i am a strong believer in signs. ?

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Whether you’re into a good old fashioned ice cream scoop, unique ice cream sandwiches, matcha ice cream, or just craving a sugar rush – here’s a flavorful round up of all the ice cream happenings in LA. Give me that sweet talk (in no particular order)!

  1. Little Damage
    Ice cream to match your soul. This popular new ice cream spot in DTLA boasts black ice cream, black cones, black everything. Be wary of the long lines, the wait could be a quick 30 minutes to hours but it’s totally worth it! Past and current flavors include the popular Almond Charcoal, Salted Covefefe, and even Unicorn Tears.

    Two is better than one! Tag a friend who would LOVE the @little.damage Dark Cinns ? or Unicorn Tears ?? were open till midnight on Sunday!

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  2. Salt & Straw
    With FIVE locations in LA (with new locations opening soon to more cities), this Portland staple and specialty ice cream shop features a super sweet new menu every month with a different theme. They still have their classic flavors all year round (by location) like the delectable Almond Brittle with Salted Ganache and yummy Honey Lavender!

  3. Churro Borough
    CHURRO. ICE CREAM. SANDWICH. Ya heard me. Keep it real and pair it with their horchata flavored ice cream for the perfect match.

  4. Gresescent Ice Cream
    A girl needs options, so this spot offers a unique ice cream bouquet with up to 10 mini scoops for a chance to try all their creamy flavors in one visit!

    Favorite flavor – Raspberry Nutella ?

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  5. Honey Mee
    The good kind of sticky and nature’s sweetener: Honey. They serve real honeycombs with their soft serve and a delicious honey affogato that’s getting rave reviews here at the office.

    · #tbt Missing this #matcha ice cream from @honeymeeicecream #? ?? #foodintheair ·

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  6. Milk
    Fashion blogger fave for their colorful aesthetic, they sell these macaroons in ice cream sandwich form! They also serve cookie ice cream sandwiches, ice creams bars, and even a blue velvet cake.

    Exploring LA one dessert at a time?❤️ #GotMilk

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  7. Somi Somi
    Spotted: Wild fish in the heart of K-town! Soft serve swirly cute ice cream served in adorable fish shaped waffle cones you can have with a nutella, custard, or red bean filling! Ice cream flavors include matcha, milk, ube and black sesame and your choice of toppings. Too cute to eat… not.


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  8. Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream
    Tucked away in locations like Los Feliz and Venice, they sell dozens of flavor profiles including Goat Cheese with Red Cherries, Poached Pear Riesling Sorbet, and Brambleberry Crisp. So fancy.

  9. Scoops
    We’re all raving about their brown bread ice cream and cheap prices that take it back to enjoying a satisfying scoop or two for under $5! Don’t forget to bring cash as some locations are cash only.

    Moms Day Scoops

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  10. Museum of Ice Cream
    Ice cream history? Tell me more. Ladies, there’s an ice cream MUSEUM with a pool full of sprinkles you can lay in. Even Queen Bey took a trip with the fam here. They serve you ice cream throughout your museum visit and have THE cutest set ups for the perfect IG money shot. Act fast because getting tickets to this thing has turned into the new Coachella. Tickets are currently sold out until October but a new location is opening very soon in San Francisco!

    Feeling very inspired by @museumoficecream ? #bringonthesprinkles

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