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How To Find the Right Sunglasses For Your Face Shape source: tobi.com

How To Find the Right Sunglasses For Your Face Shape

If we’re being honest, we like to think sunglasses were really invented so we can stare at stare at our crushes without them knowing, staying low key on those bummy days or throwin’ shade to the haters (kidding!).

Whatever your reason, the right pair of sunglasses can complete any outfit just as much as it protects us from those harsh sun rays. No longer just a fashion accessory, a woman with the right pair of sunglasses adds more personality to an outfit and says, “look at me!” even when you secretly want to avoid people. See our dilemma here?

As women, we are well aware we come in all shapes and sizes, and the same goes for our face shape! When looking for the right sunglasses for your face shape and style, don’t sweat it! We got you. You’ll be ready for a good time filled with happy hour, sand in your toes, tanning, and lots of sunshine.

First round’s on us!


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Lookin’ good! Your square face shape is always a sweet surprise because of your striking features. Your forehead and jawline are about equal in width, which complement each other when adorned with the right sunglasses.

We recommend a curvier framed lens that give balance to your sharp, angular features. Add some character and opt for round or cat-eye shapes.

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You’re a dime. Your beautiful round shape embraces your pinch worthy cheeks. Just like with square shaped faces, a perfect fit is a frame that’s opposite your overall rounded features.

Add some edge! Frames with square shape silhouettes and distinct angles give more structure to your curves. You can try frames that are square on top and rounded at the bottom but stay FAR away from completely round frames.

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Okay, okay we get it! You can pull off just about anything. No, we’re not giving you the eye roll but with your slightly longer face length, wide cheekbones, and subtle angles some say you have a perfectly balanced face shape.

The trick is switching it up to keep things bold and fresh. We encourage you to get out of your comfort zone and try out a new trend! Think unexpected colors, out there prints and styles including metal wire frames, frameless styles and gradient lenses.

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Um, QUEEN. Your charming features like a broad forehead and narrow, pointed chin can work well with sunglass frames that even out these proportions of your heart shape face.

When you’re spotted poolside or just on the go, you can never go wrong with a pair of classic aviators. If you’re feelin’ extra, try a pair with mirrored or colorful tinted lenses. Embrace your loveable heart shape with frames that draw attention downwards by opting for lenses with shapelier bottoms.

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