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QUEER EYE IS COMING BACK FOR SEASON 2! Meet the Fab 5! source: twitter/queereye


Written By Kalene Garcia

If you haven’t watched Netflix’s original series, Queer Eye, DROP EVERYTHING and watch it RIGHT. NOW. This life-changing show is the reboot of the original version Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, and it was just announced that the show will return for a second season! Get ready for more “Can you believe”s and “Yassss queen”s!

HUGE NEWS!!! We’re coming back for Season 2 ya’ll!! @queereye @netflix

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The show focuses on 5 (fabulous) gay men who are known as the Fab 5.

Each episode introduces a new hero who receives a make-better. A hero is a man who lacks self-care and self-love which is apparent in the way he takes care of himself, his living space and his relationships. The Fab 5 gives each hero a make-better to help them realize their self-worth and bring them to a better version of themselves – all while being completely lovable and amazing.

The show would be (literally) nothing without the Fab 5. Each of them brings their own specialized skills to help the heroes improve their lives in every way: grooming, fashion, food & wine, culture, and design. They are the reason why this show is at the top of our recommendation list and they each deserve the spotlight so we’re gonna give it to ‘em!


Jonathan is like a breath of fresh air filled with endless laughs and funny gifs. From his hilariously dramatic but very genuine reactions to his referencing of inanimate objects as ‘her’ to the way he tears up at the end of each episode as he watches the heroes transform; everything about him makes us scream “YAAAAAS, honey!” Did we mention how beautiful his hair is? Because #GOALS. And he shares his hair knowledge with the heroes by cutting, framing and highlighting their faces with his magical stylist hands to get their hair & beards lookin’ fierce. A boost in their confidence and the huge smile on their face when they see themselves in the mirror is enough to make a grown man cry.


Pretending I’m not frickin freezing!

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His hair. His accent. His clothes. Everything about Tan is absolute perfection. His ability to revamp a hero’s wardrobe to make subtle yet 100% transformative changes is a gift that we wish he’d sprinkle on our own closets. Not only does he give the heroes some much needed style advice but he also gives them the confidence and inspiration to look and feel good every day.

ANTONI: Food & Wine

Okay. We have a little secret. We may or may not be completely and desperately in LOOOOVE with Antoni! His sweet smile and lovable personality will have you gushing from episode one. And he can COOK! He shows the heroes how to make healthier versions of the foods they love and how to shop for veggies and produce. Because, let’s be honest, picking the right avocado is as stressful as picking your outfits for Coachella.


At first you might be scratching your head trying to figure out what culture means in relation to what Karamo does. It’s definitely not as straightforward as the work the other guys do but just as incredible and effective. His work is more on a deeper, emotional level really trying to get to the core of the heroes’ personal challenges. Here’s when he took hero, AJ, ziplining to help him face his fear of coming out.

He also touches on social issues that pushes for uncomfortable but necessary conversations. His heart warming and thought provoking scenes add a very powerful message to the show. And, in true Fab 5 fashion, he slays in every episode! *heart eyes*


Bobby focuses on doing a complete remodel/design of the heroes’ homes. His make-better definitely takes the most time and money but the results are ABOVE AND BEYOND.

Whether it’s a home, a basement, or a fire station he turns the space completely upside down and transforms it into something straight out of HGTV. His renovations turn their homes into something completely unrecognizable and the look in their eyes when they see it for the first time is priceless. His eye for design calls for a Jonathan reaction every time:


And with that, we’ll leave you with this piece of advice from Episode 2:

Cheers to Season 2!

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