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Is Ugly the New Cool? Why Bloggers are Obsessed with this Sneaker Trend source: pinterest

Is Ugly the New Cool? Why Bloggers are Obsessed with this Sneaker Trend

Written by April Merlas


When new trends form, it takes baby steps.

Last year, the media became strangely obsessed with the dad bod, up until now we’re still cracking dad jokes (obviously) and now fashion’s latest fixation? The dad sneaker.

Also known as the ugly sneaker trend, this new age concept of ‘ugly’ (we’re still talking sneakers here) may certainly be an acquired taste. If you were like me, you were most def perplexed at the idea of these monstrous clonkers and thought, “Wow, these are so ugly… it’s beautiful.” And the bulkier they are? The better!

So… how did bloggers and it girls become sooo obsessed?

Following the normcore trend, luxury brands were scheming up something sneaky to showcase on the runways. While we were stepping out in our clean, white sneakers perfecting our #ootd, designer pioneers Raf Simons, Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga, and Gucci threw in a curve ball and presented chunkier versions of the sneaker and paired it with clean trousers, ethereal dresses, and almost every silhouette that may have had their share of SMH and gasps, especially because of the $800 and up price tag.

People thought,

Who the F would pay this much for something this ugly?

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But then, OG’s Tracee Ellis Ross and the Hadid sisters were spotted out and about running errands in dad shoes and predictably became a common theme during fashion week street style on various bloggers including Aimee Song. Simultaneously, there were Nike Air Max’s, FILA Disrupter’s and countless knockoffs which were prevalent in making this trend more fashionably acceptable.


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Generally as with all things, the more you see it, the more you adjust to it and like what you see. And if truth be told in the world of trends, time and time again certain things just become fashionable again.

In the end, it may just be that we have a sense of nostalgia and love being connected with our past. For some, it might just be the longing of our childhood days now that scrunchies are ‘in’ and all the cool kids wore Sketchers – because yes, even those are trending again.

But quite frankly the best part of something this ugly… it’s comfortable.

So give dad the credit he deserves for all the times he stepped out anywhere in his New Balance’s which made you think to yourself, “WTF is he wearing?” and find the ugly sneaker to your liking but ‘make it fashion’ they say.

What can I wear it with?


Shop trousers at tobi.com! source: pinterest
source: pinterest

Make the ugly chic in super simple, high waist trousers that are wide legged or tapered at the end. Our faves include a mix of plaid and relaxed striped trousers to make your look the definition of chillin’ out, air-maxin’, all cool.

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Mom Jeans

Shop stylish mom jeans at tobi.com! source: pinterest
source: pinterest

Mom jeans + dad shoes = <3, it all just makes sense. Go minimal in a straight legged cropped jean with a high waisted fit or try denim with frayed edges to bring more attention to your edgy sneaks.

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With Some Leg

Shop stylish bottoms at tobi.com! source: pinterest
Shop stylish bottoms at tobi.com! source: pinterest

Honestly there’s no need to overthink it. Come summer, you’ll naturally want to wear dad sneakers as you please with feminine jean skirts and high rise shorts. Try warm weather staples like white shorts that would look cozy AF at the festival. Even better, pair just about any sneaker with jock socks and band tee for an outfit that’s cute and quirky.

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If you’re not super into the ugly sneaker trend just yet, don’t worry ’bout it – take baby steps! We have some very not-so-ugly shoe options we’re still obsessed with instead:

Either way get happy, feet!

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