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Style Guide: Homecoming Dresses source: tobi.com
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Quick Workout for Busy Girls: 30 minute Full Body Superset

Style Guide: Homecoming Dresses

It’s beginning to look a lot like formal dress season!

This month, we’ve got homecoming on our minds and we’re ready to pull a Cady Heron because at Tobi, we’re all about spreading the love too.

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Homecoming season is no longer just about the popular girls, the cheerleaders, or the captain of the football team. Homecoming is really about showing off your school pride and making lifelong memories with your class.

After all, homecoming is about new beginnings, but let us remind you – this ain’t your momma’s homecoming dress!

Most homecoming dresses are usually a mix between formal and casual, can vary between short, long, lace, strappy, sequin, black, or all the above. More importantly, searching for the right homecoming dress, prom dress, or party dress for your style shouldn’t be a hassle when you have exams to worry about and a budget to stick to!

This school year, it’s time to study harder and shop smarter. These affordable homecoming dresses are bound to slay without the crown while still feeling like royalty.

  1. Black Out Queen
    No planning necessary, you already know you’re wearing a black dress. We’re not exactly mind readers but we can hear you saying, “Does this homecoming dress come in black?” Say no more, fam. Sweeten things up with pretty lace trims or spice things up with an open back.

    tobi.com - high neck sleeveless black halter maxi dress with thigh slit source: tobi.com
    tobi.com - plunging black sleeveless maxi dress with lace detail and thigh slit source: tobi.com

  2. Mini Dress Queen
    You like to keep it short and sweet when it comes to dresses. We don’t blame you, these homecoming dresses are right up your alley. Try something in between with a charming midi dress.

    tobi.com - red strappy bodycon dress with lace up back detail source: tobi.com
    tobi.com - blush halter midi bodycon dress with asymmetrical hem source: tobi.com

  3. Queen of Romance
    You’ll get a little crush on these pretty little lace dresses. Hey, we won’t tell. These lace dresses are our best kept secrets.

    tobi.com - white lace long sleeve high neck bodycon dress source: tobi.com
    tobi.com - high neck sleeveless grey lace bodycon dress source: tobi.com

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  4. Full of Drama Queen
    School is a drama free zone and we want the drama in our dresses only. Take your homecoming dress to the next level with strapless dresses, side slits, and your power color. Because when in doubt, overdress.

    tobi.com margot contrast maxi dress with ladder trim and slits source: tobi.com
    tobi.com jamee plunging maxi dress in slate source: tobi.com

  5. Snow Queen
    They say the single most important day in your life is in a white dress. Clean, simple, and elegant white never goes out of style. In a swarm of colorful dresses, you will be a breath of fresh air in these party dresses.

    tobi.com high neck sleeveless revelry halter shift dress source: tobi.com
    jaclyn mesh bodycon dress v neck sleeveless cutout minidress source: tobi.com

  6. Rebellion Queen
    New school year, new you. Don’t stick to the status quo and try a bold one shoulder sleeve or a little mesh. You’ll get the party going with these homecoming dresses.

    tobi.com after dark mesh bodycon dress long sleeves crochet cutout source: tobi.com
    tobi.com galway mesh bodycon dress with embroidery source: tobi.com