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Style Guide: Summer to Fall Outfits source: tobi.com
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Style Guide: Summer to Fall Outfits

When you’re living in LA where the sun seems to always be shining, we all know the summer to fall transition is, well, quite awkward. Though, it doesn’t have to be.

But before we bring out our chunky sweaters, there’s still a bit of post summering left on our agenda that does involve cooler weather.

The universal secret to mastering this sunshine state of mind that’s, frankly, not a secret at all is layering.

You don’t have to buy a brand new wardrobe or take a blow to your budget because the right staples can transition your outfit through any season, no matter where you live.

So fall, you are more than welcome any day now. In the meantime, we’ll be in our sunny little bubble as we watch the leaves slooowly change just like our outfits.

Summer to Fall Tops

Meet your new best friend – the blouse. Oh, looks like you’ve met! We want our bell sleeves to stay right where they are because these blouses are light, classic, and are emerging in fall friendly styles like plaid. Since we’ll still be choosing skin baring off the shoulder styles, cute front ties and layering with a scarf, you’ll also will see us rockin’ a cropped hoodie from time to time.


Summer to Fall Dresses

Save that summer dress, you have tons of options to wear when you stick to fall neutrals and patterns. It’s also safe to put those chunky sweaters dresses on hold for another month and opt for a lighter, cozy long sleeve dress to pair with over the knee boots. If you need to, tie a denim jacket over this outfit and you’ll prepared for any type of weather.



Summer to Fall Rompers

Yes, you can still slip into summer’s easiest and most loved uniform with no problem. Like dresses, we don’t recommend flaunting your brightest patterns but luckily, we’re carrying a lot of our favorites (florals, stripes) in maple, navy, olives, maroon, and grey hues. Go for the long sleeve playsuit varieties to wear with knee high boots.


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Summer to Fall Bottoms

Corduroy and suede skirts just scream fall, especially when they’re the color of autumn leaves. When you’re not ready to ditch your denim shorts or mini skirt, pull together something effortless by tucking in a plaid flannel, lightweight sweater, or long sleeve bodysuit. Forget the sandals and opt for tall heeled booties.

Summer to Fall Denim

It’s no question that we need our denim blues all year round. We’ll transition our summer faves for an autumn vibe which include darker washes while keeping our beloved frayed hems. And the longer the denim jacket, the better.

Summer to Fall Accessories

Floppy hats, backpacks and hoops will never fail us this summer never failed us, so why stop now? Throw on a cute cadet hat over a bad hair day and it’ll be your go to accessory for instant Hadid vibes.