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Host the Best Friendsgiving EVER with these Simple Thanksgiving Decorating Ideas! source: homeyohmy.com
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Host the Best Friendsgiving EVER with these Simple Thanksgiving Decorating Ideas!

For those who don’t have family to celebrate Thanksgiving with, there’s an alternative that’s just as special: Friendsgiving! Gather together all of your besties who can’t be with family for the holiday, and enjoy the friendships that you have. You can celebrate in a way that is festive, yet non-traditional, to make the occasion really special.

If you’re planning to take on the role of hostess with the mostest, you’ll want to make sure that your decor and menu are seasonal and create an inviting, welcoming vibe. You should incorporate some classic Thanksgiving elements, but give them each a Friendsgiving twist.


To personalize your celebration, there are easy DIYs to try for decor, and your menu doesn’t have to be complicated. These ideas will make your Friendsgiving feel just as cozy as traditional Thanksgiving celebrations, but without all of the traditional foods and decorations.

Kraft Paper Table Runner

kraft paper table runner thanksgiving decorating ideas source: bydawnnicole.com

Instead of splurging on a fancy table runner, do something inexpensive and fun! A Kraft paper runner is so simple and you can use it many different ways. Write each person’s name at their seat, write a “Happy Friendsgiving” message, or set a Sharpie at each spot and let your guests write down what they’re thankful for. Unlike a standard table runner, this idea encourages creativity and creates memories to last a lifetime.

Turkey Feather Place Cards

turkey feather place cards thanksgiving decorating ideas source: almostmakesperfect.com

Even though Friendsgiving doesn’t require turkey, it’s still fun to add turkey elements into the decor. Colorful turkey feather place settings spruce up your table and are a unique way to arrange seating for your guests.

Dinner Conversation Starters

dinner conversation starters thanksgiving decorating ideas source: theturqoisehome.com

It’s not likely that your friends and you will need nudging to get a conversation going at your party, but dinner conversation starters are a nice way to engage in a friendly discussion about what Friendsgiving means to each person. They can also double as an extra piece of decor. You’ll find printable Thanksgiving conversation starters at The Turquoise Home.

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Fall Leaf Streamers

fall leaf streamers thanksgiving decorating ideas source: HGTV

If standard garlands aren’t your thing, try an over-the-table version instead! Leaf streamers can easily be hung from a chandelier or ceiling fan to give your table an extra dose of seasonal style. This way, your guests will be surrounded by the sights and feelings of fall without having to step outside or gather around a fireplace.

Pumpkin Pie Garland

pumpkin pie garland 2 thanksgiving decorating ideas source: marthastewart.com

How better to celebrate Thanksgiving with your friends and family than with pumpkin pie?! Try a pumpkin pie garland that you can make yourself—better than what you can ever get at the store. Your guests will love the festive food-inspired décor.

Mason Jar Leaf

autumn leaf mason jars thanksgiving decorating ideas source: sparkandchemistry.com

Spruce up your table settings with these gorgeous autumn leaf mason jars. They’re great for amping up the ambiance at your table, outdoor dining, and even for decorating around the house around the holiday. You can swap out wax candles for battery powered tea candles to avoid any mess or safety issues, too!

Blooming Pumpkin

easy blooming pumpkin diy thanksgiving decorating ideas source: homeiswheretheboatis.net

If you’re throwing a Thanksgiving party, liven up the table with some fresh wildflowers and leaves! A blooming pumpkin is easier than you think—just use a floral block on the stem of the pumpkin so you don’t need to carve a thing! We know how difficult carving a pumpkin can be.. so best to avoid it if you can, right?

Give Thanks Garland

diy give thanks leaf garland thanksgiving decorating ideas source: homeyohmy.com

If you’re not looking to do too much decorating, a simple garland like this one can be the perfect addition. You can even hang it up a bit higher on a blank wall to make the perfect photo op for Instagram your guests will love. Up the ante with a Polaroid camera, film, and some sharpies that your guests can sign and date–people will look back and remember your amazing Thanksgiving shindig.

Printable Thanksgiving Bingo

thanksgiving bingo printable thanksgiving decorating ideas source: flavorwire.com

Not that you really need to pass the time at a Thanksgiving party, but bring everyone together with games that include the whole party! Your friends and family will love to play and you can get pretty creative with what the winnings are.

Thanksgiving Mimosa Bar

diy mimosa bar thanksgiving decorating ideas source: sweetphi.com

Who doesn’t love a good mimosa? These festive flavors will keep your guests buzzed and wanting more! It’s also a nice touch to add garnishes and fruit nearby.

Donut Peg Board

donut peg board thanksgiving decorating ideas source: prettyandfun.com

Let your friends help themselves to some delicious donuts from your nearby donut shop. Displaying them on a peg board is ingenious since you don’t have to stack them and get icing everywhere—not to mention this board is fun and aesthetically pleasing! No need for a cute backdrop when you got this sick donut board!

Wherever your thanksgiving festivities take place, be sure to amp it up with a touch of DIY magic! We’re excited to put these decor plans into play. Aren’t you?