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Vegetarian Thanksgiving: Meatless Vegetarian Yums source: sweetpotatosoul.com
Host the Best Friendsgiving EVER with these Simple Thanksgiving Decorating Ideas!
Host the Best Friendsgiving EVER with these Simple Thanksgiving Decorating Ideas!

Vegetarian Thanksgiving: Meatless Vegetarian Yums


Written by Jessica Moore


Happy Vegetarian Thanksgiving! Contrary to popular meat-eating belief, Tofurkey isn’t the isn’t the only dish you’ll be able to indulge in this Thanksgiving holiday. Save the turkeys and discover the delicious ways you can stuff your belly with rich vegetarian cuisine with our favorite vegetarian-friendly main dishes and side dishes! (leggings with a stretchy waist band highly recommended upon consumption).

Who ever told you meat had to be the star of Thanksgiving dinner? With roasted acorn squash, and butternut squash on deck, with luscious meat-free gravy, cranberry sauce, lentil shepherd’s pie topped with garlic mashed potatoes, and enough casserole variation to feed on for a week, who needs that hunk of meat? Check out these mouth-watering vegetarian Thanksgiving recipes that will impress fellow vegetarians and meat-eaters alike!

Vegetarian Thanksgiving Recipes

Chickpea Meatloaf

chickpea meatloaf on a baking sheet topped with a maple glaze. source: connoisseurusveg.com

This chickpea meatloaf is a lovely main course to satisfy the most intense comfort food cravings. Top with chives and serve with brussels sprouts or swiss chard sauteed in oil and caramelized shallots or leeks. Enjoy with a side of quinoa, farro, or wild rice.


Mushroom Gravy

a wooden spoon over a saucepan of mushroom gravy for a vegetarian Thanksgiving source: budgetbytes.com

If it was socially acceptable to drink this stuff, we would. Enough said.

Sweet Potato Casserole

crunchy sweet potato casserole recipe source: tasteofhome.com

The classic to beat all classic side dishes. We like ours topped with crunchy corn flakes. If you’re loyal to the marshmallow kind, we totally understand.

Vegan Sweet Potato Biscuits

a patterned bowl of vegan sweet potato biscuits source: sweetpotatosoul.com

Toss out that store-bought biscuit mix! Treat yourself to some fluffy vegan sweet potato biscuits by Sweet Potato Soul. Not only are these biscuits vegan, they’re gluten-free!

Butternut Squash Fritters

a stack of butternut squash fritters source: skinnyms.com

Butternut squash fritters using only 5-ingredients? That’s taking butternut squash to a whole other level! Sign us up for this tasty side dish!

Green Bean Casserole

a cast iron pan with green bean casserole and a wooden spoon source: sallysbakingaddiction.com

Who doesn’t love green bean casserole? Silky gravy mixed with crisp green beans and topped with roasted crunchy onion bits. Did we already say we live for that gratin?! Get. In. Our. Mouths. NOW!


Stuffed Acorn Squash with Wild Rice

stuffed acorn squash wild rice medley source: simple-veganista.com

So this vegetarian main dish is almost too beautiful to eat. Mushrooms and wild rice stuffed to the brim, yum!  Your Thanksgiving guests will be impressed by the autumnal vibes you’re putting out there with these cute squashes.

Lentil Shepherd’s Pie

a cast iron pan of lentil shepherds pie with fresh tyme source: itdoesnttastelikechicken.com

So this main dish (ideally served in a cast iron skillet for that rustic feel) has it all: beautiful vegetables, creamy garlic mashed potatoes, and beautiful herbs. Did we mention this is vegan? You’re welcome.

Pro-tip: The key to eating vegetarian dishes is to find ways to infuse your recipes with intensely packed flavor. We’re in a constant search of umami, which can be challenging with dishes that originally call for meaty ingredients like chicken stock. How can we achieve as much umami as possible? Mushrooms, sundried tomatoes, and soy sauce/tamari are just a few ingredients that add a more robust savory taste. If a recipe calls for cup of water for collard greens, experiment by substituting half a cup of water with mushroom broth. Top your green bean casserole with a sprinkling of sun-dried tomatoes for a dynamic punch.

Who are we kidding–we wish we could eat Thanksgiving all year round! Why not do just that? Add these delicious guilt-free vegetarian Thanksgiving recipes to your weekly dinner menu!