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The Ultimate 2018 Holiday Gift Guide (Coworkers, Family, Friends, Stocking Stuffers & more!) source: shutterstock
OMG, Chrissy Teigen is pregnant with Baby no.2!
OMG, Chrissy Teigen is pregnant with Baby no.2!

The Ultimate 2018 Holiday Gift Guide (Coworkers, Family, Friends, Stocking Stuffers & more!)

‘Tis the season

It’s the holiday season, so let the gifts begin!

But hold up, where do we start? Whether your significant other has been giving hints since September *nudge nudge* or if you’re always the type to feel completely lost in all the holiday chaos, don’t trip!

Our gift ideas have a lil’ something for just about everyone – your sister from another mister, roommate, the tough cookie, boss, yourself (duh), or the foodie in your life. With all the holly jolly going around, these gift ideas will be the most sought-after presents when things get wild at your next white elephant!

We’ve even included products for all you last-minute shoppers out there (guilty)–it’s primetime! Get them what they really want this year and get them fast by taking advantage of Amazon Prime’s 2-day shipping for cheap deals leading up the holidays with hilarious gifts you’ve probably never heard of, but NEED like rn!

Grab yourself some hot cocoa (or your other preferred holiday drinks) and be the first to admit it’s not just the thought that counts. No pressure.

Gift Ideas for your SO

Gift Ideas for your Boyfriend

Oh, boy. He could really use that much-needed groom that he’s been lagging for a couple days or you can also make him really, really happy by satisfying his nerdy fixation with Star Wars. Yeah, we know it’s a tough one. We made it a step easier and found you the best of both worlds (or galaxies far, far, away) & more that he’ll love.

corkcicle beer chiller source: amazon.com

Corkcicle Chillsner Beer Chiller 2-pack ($25)

Who doesn’t love an ice cold beer? Your man definitely does. Make his drinking experience more delightful with this nifty gadget that will keep his drinks cold and his heart warm.  


lumber yard beard oil source: amazon.com

Lumbar Yard Beard Oil ($15)

Babes, this just in: facial hair = super attractive. Oh, you already knew? But you know what’s more attractive? A well-kept beard. Get the man in your life some beard oil to keep things in check.

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ultimate holiday gift guide: grizzly bear bottle opener source: amazon.com

Grizzly Bear Bottle Opener ($7)

Time to whip out the hammer, because you’ve got some work to do! JK, it literally takes two seconds. If your man is a beer drinker, this grizzly bear bottle opener is a must-have. Simply nail this bear to whichever wall you choose (we like the kitchen) and crack one open. You won’t ever have to search in drawers for that elusive bottle opener again!

ultimate holiday gift guide: crosley turntable source: amazon.com

Crosley CR6250A-BK Keepsake Deluxe Portable and Adjustable USB Turntable ($141)

You are what you listen to. Get your SO this classic portable turntable that will look absolutely groovy in any home. Be totally cute and start a vinyl collection together because it’s true: it does sound better on vinyl.

ultimate holiday gift guide: levitating bluetooth speaker source: amazon.com

Levitating Bluetooth Speaker ($120)

For that music lover with a modern aesthetic, you SO will totally dig this totally functional speaker and conversation piece! It’ll set you back $120 but when people compliment his good taste, he’ll always think of you.

Gift Ideas for your Girlfriend

You should already know by now that she deserves the world. Can’t get her that right now? Trust us, these gift ideas hold all of the surprise factor she’ll ever want to keep her heart happy and her mind occupied (for now)…

ultimate holiday gift guide cactus candles

So Lively Green Cactus Plant Candle  ($8)

Get yo’ girl this candle set! Not only is it totally chic (come on, adorable little cactus tea candles?!), but your succulent and cactus-crazed boo thang will love your attention to detail here. *Cue dim candle lighting and romantic music by Bazzi.* 

ultimate holiday gift guide for girlfriend red suede booties

Steven by Steve Madden Logic Red Suede Booties ($148)

For the particularly bold fashionista in your life who will appreciate receiving a bold shoe that she can wear to a fancy dinner date with you! Nothing’s sexier than making her feel sexy with a pair of heels that’s totally extra. Throw in a note asking her out on a dinner date–trust us, you’ll be sweeping her off her feet!

tobi khaki goof ball furry wristlet pouch source: tobi.com

Goof Ball Khaki Furry Wristlet Pouch ($28)

Furr real tho…your girlfriend is going to love this furry wristlet pouch that goes with anything and everything.

moon phases wall hanging source: etsy.com

Moon Phases Wall Hanging Poster ($9.90)

Is she your moon and stars? Love her to the moon and back with this beautiful pink marble art print so she’ll always remember.

Gifts for your Coworkers

Some of us see our coworkers more than we see our friends & family. They totally get you when you need to vent about work, destress, and joke around with you, making the work day go by a little quicker. Show them you care! They’ll definitely appreciate the thoughtfulness of a gift even if they don’t expect one!

midway stay golden insulated water bottle source: tobi.com

Mytagalongs Stay Golden Insulated Water Bottle ($28)

Hydration is key, especially at the office, where you can def go through a work day and forget if you’ve had enough water to drink. Give your coworker this sophisticated golden insulated water bottle! You can’t beat that positive affirmation!

ultimate holiday gift guide iphone charger lightning cable

ban.do Back Me Up! Lightning Charging Cord ($16)

For the coworker who’s always borrowing your iPhone charger. Get her one of her own so she can keep on Candy-crushing all day long.

ultimate holiday gift guide source: amazon.com

Kate Spade Deco Dot Lunch Tote ($30)

Noticing she’s got a pretty banged up lunch bag? Get her a cute new one!

ultimate holiday gift guide - mermaid blanket source: tobi.com

Pink Crochet Mermaid Blanket ($66 $26)

Make your girl feel like a mystical mermaid–and a cozy one at that. She’ll love snuggling up with you while you Netflix & chill this holiday season.

Gift Ideas for Parents

Your own parents, your BFF’s parents, your SO’s parents…whoever you’re gifting, they’ll find a use for these nifty gadgets for the home and for health! The thoughtfulness behind these is really what counts–especially if you can’t think of a single thing they’d like. Trust us, we’ve all been there.

ultimate holiday gift guide source: amazon.com

August Doorbell Cam Pro ($140)

Parents will love to have peace of mind if they have this doorbell cam that installs in minutes and allows them to see who’s at their door without opening it! You can even connect it to their smartphone so they can easily check who’s there.

nespresso pixie espresso maker source: williams-sonoma.com

Nespresso Pixie Espresso Maker ($149)

For the coffee-loving parents that are always getting Starbucks in the morning, this one’s for them! Start them off with a set of coffee pods to complete the gift. They’ll LOVE you.

fitbit alta hr in black source: fitbit.com

Fitbit Alta HR ($100)

It’s always a good thing when you show concern for their health and fitness. Allow them to stay fit and healthy with this watch that also tracks sleep patterns and heart rate!

Gift for the Foodie

chef knife with sheath source: amazon.com

Cangshan Z-series Forged Chef Knife w/ Sheath ($86)

Every good chef or foodie needs an excellent knife. Self-invite to the next dinner party? We think, yes.

ultimate holiday gift guide vegetable spiralizer

5-blade Vegetable Spiralizer ($13)

VEGGIE NOODLES! Get your fancy on and purchase one of these inexpensive, yet effective, spiralizers for a healthier take on your classic noods! !

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moleskin recipe journal in black source: moleskin.com

Moleskin Recipe Journal ($23)

Do you have a friend that is constantly making moves in the kitchen, coming up with creative dishes and recipes? This recipe notebook is the perfect gift! This journal keeps all of your favorite recipes organized by appetizers, entrees, and desserts, and you can indicate prep time, cooking time, servings, and all that jazz.

gift ideas: mother in law's kimchi diy kit source: milkimchi.com

DIY Kimchi Kit ($26)

Oh, kimchi. Seems like we’re seeing more recipes and restaurants carrying this probiotic wonder. Why not make it yourself? Mother in Law’s Kimchi DIY Kit allows you to do just that. Sure, it’s not the traditional way of making kimchi, but it’s close to it–minus a bigger mess in the kitchen! This cute kit will make any foodie jump for kimchi joy.

sunbeam bread maker source: amazon.com

Sunbeam Bread Maker ($47)

For the bread-obsessed. They can finally make bread conveniently and without nearly as much effort. Let the machine do the work for them.

Gifts for the Traveler / Adventurer

matador mini pocket blanket source: amazon.com

Matador Mini Pocket Blanket ($20)

If you’ve got a major adventurer (who loves the outdoors) in your life, a mini pocket blanket is a great gift if you’re on a budget. At $20, you get a great quality portable blanket that they can take with them on hikes, backpacking trips, and even picnics! Check out our other favorite backpacking essentials to splurge on the backpacking wanderers in your life!

ban.do i'm outta here passport holder source: tobi.com

Ban.do Passport Holder $26

Peace out, we’re off to satisfy our wanderlust! Let this super adorbs passport holder take you places.

ultimate holiday gift guide adjustable crossbody bag

Diana Fold Over Faux Leather Clutch ($42)

The adventurer type will absolutely love this convertible clutch and crossbody bag! She can pack a lot less in a perfectly sized bag and wear it as a crossbody during her walking tours around the city, and convert to a wristlet for a night out look. For the girl who seems like she can never pack light–this one’s for her!

tile 2 pack in grey and white gold source: amazon.com

Tile 2-pack ($60)

Are you always having to pat yourself down, losing your phone, keys, or wallet? Tile is your new knight in shining armor. Simply clip it or insert it in your belongings, and the next time you lose track of your valuables, simply turn on the app and Tile will track it down. They also carry the world’s thinnest Bluetooth tracker!

Gifts for your Roommate

Whether you love them or hate them (jk, you wouldn’t be here would you!) the person you live with just might be the hardest person to shop for. More than just throwing out the trash or replacing the tissue paper every now and then, there are other ways to show you care with these gifts that you both can benefit from!

Unique Stemless Spill Resistant Spinning Aura Glass for Wine & Spirits from A Different Pourspective source: amazon.com

No Spill Wine Glass Set ($50)

For the vino-obsessed roommate (who always seems to get wine on the rug in the living room), this unique wine glass set will come in handy (or hands-free) for those much-needed wine nights. 

Tobi.com - SIMPLE STRAWBERRY 3 STEP NOSE PACK source: tobi.com

Simple Strawberry 3 Step Nose Pack ($3)

Load up on this easy, peasy 3 step blackhead remover sets that are adorably cute for a self pamper day and movie night in your matching onsies!


Band.do After This We’re Getting Pizza Mat ($32)

Let’s be honest, it’s the ONLY reason we work out. Perfect for your roommate’s active lifestyle but will inspire your next night in to order pizza! Call it a win-win.

The Nifty Nook Home Trend Mini LED Electric Message Lightbox Letter Emoji DIY Cinema Sign Board source: amazon.com

The Nifty Nook Mini LED Emoji Sign Board ($20)

Emoji it, don’t say it!✌️ Leave those inspirational quotes, life mottos, and ‘LOL’ messages to your roommate with this light up signboard.

ultimate holiday gift guide travel gym bag

Ban.do Duffel/Gym Bag ($38)

Your roommate/gym buddy/the one you have to drag into spin class every morning will love this cute and funny gym bag. Hey, everyone needs a little motivation, maybe tacos are the answer?

White Elephant Gift Ideas (that don’t suck)

White Elephant–the tricky game of stealing gifts. It’s not necessarily the ‘holiday spirit’ but it sure is fun to rattle your family and friends! But hey, don’t worry too much about hurting their feelings. What’s more painful is getting miserably stuck with something you don’t like.

ultimate holiday gift guide: game of thrones whiskey glass source: amazon.com

Game of Thrones Whiskey Glass ($23)

Let’s all hope everyone in your fam watches GOT. Is that too much to ask? Ok seriously at least one person has to be a fan, which makes this an excellent white elephant contender that people will be trading for. Tyrion’s quote is priceless, and with that classic GOT font? Find your Jon Snow, make him pour you some whiskey, and let him know a thing or two.

codenames game box with two silhouettes of people with speech bubbles source: amazon.com

Codenames ($15)

You’ve heard of Codenames, right? Two teams, two Spymasters, and a whole lotta words. This game is intense and absolutely hilarious and even comes in a Duet version (two-person version), Harry Potter, Disney, Codenames Pictures, and more! Whichever version you choose, Codenames is a must-have for every household. 

ultimate holiday gift guide source: amazon.com

What Do You Meme? ($30)

Think you know your memes? Test out your sense of humor (and that of others) with this wacky card game.

ultimate holiday gift guide source: amazon.com

Goat Story Mug ($32)

There’s a bit of a gray area with products like this… they’re hilarious to put in the mix but also totally functional, so whoever gets this at the end of the game won’t be going home with something completely useless!

ultimate holiday gift guide source: abc.com

Google Home Mini ($49 $29)

We’re predicting this to be one of the top trending gifts for 2018. Google even dropped the price for a limited time to $29, and offering a $20 off voucher for another Google product of your choice after purchasing!

White Elephant Gag Gift Ideas


ultimate holiday gift guide source: amazon.com

Moist Mug ($10)

Moist mug–people hate the word moist.

ultimate holiday gift guide source: amazon.com

Female Urination Device ($10)

Needing to go to the bathroom on the go for women can be a struggle. We can’t just whip it out and go…or can we? Throw this functional and practical gift into the mix.

ultimate holiday gift guide gag gifts source: vat19.com

Unicorn Farts ($11)

Yep, you read that right.

ultimate holiday gift guide source: amazon.com

Peach Plush Pillow Cushion ($12)

For anyone who’s obsessed with the…peach.


ultimate holiday gift guide source: celebrityprayercandles.com

Celebrity Prayer Candles ($15)

Do you have a couple of friends in your group that HATE Kim K? How about JB? Gift a celebrity candle so you can laugh at the expense of whoever gets stuck with these!

ultimate holiday gift guide source: amazon.com

Baguette Slippers ($17-20)

Baguette slippers for the gluten-obsessed. Funny & totally functional!

Gifts for your Best Friends


BAN.DO I Am Very Busy Pink Notebook ($18)

tobi.com - ban.do i am very busy planner source: tobi.com

For your girl who would love bullet journaling, planning, recipe making, songwriting–this one’s perf.

tobi.com - sonix cosmic black portable charger source: tobi.com

Sonix Cosmic Portable Charger ($50)

That one friend who always forgets to charge her phone–and always needs a charger…well, you’ve got her.


ultimate holiday gift guide source: projectvanity.com

Son & Park Beauty Water ($30)

Even if your friend knows all about the magic of this Beauty Water–she’ll eventually run out of this stuff so she’ll appreciate it for sure! If she hasn’t tried this, you’ll definitely blow her mind when she tries it for the first time!

ulimate holiday gift guide wine lace up sweater dress

Never Forget You Lace Up Sweater Dress ($85)

No one knows her better than you do, and you know she’ll love this wine-colored sweater dress this winter!


tobi white fuzzy feels backpack source: tobi.com

Tobi Fuzzy Backpack ($46)

Is she obsessed with anything furry? This bag will definitely give her major vibes, and she’ll love you for it!

Gifts for your Boss

large keep cup source: keepcup.com

KeepCup ($28)

Paper and plastic are so out of vogue. Your boss’ morning matcha deserves better.



cavallini papers & co botanica 2019 calendar source: amazon.com

Wildflowers 2019 Calendar ($18)

Help your boss keep their dates in order. Flowers not their thing? Cavallini Papers Co. has an array of vintage-inspired calendars, posters, and phone cases for everyone on your list!

table top zen garden with bridges, rocks, and mini boat source: amazon.com

Tabletop Zen Garden Kit ($35)

Are they stressing? Keep them nice and centered with a zen garden that sits on their desk!

wine bottle in front of eucalyptus leaves source: unsplash.com

An Excellent Bottle of Wine

The price range here can vary, but if you know your boss loves a good wine, do a little research before getting just any wine from your local store. Learn how to know which wine to gift your boss here.

Stocking Stuffers ($20 and under!)

ultimate holiday gift guide for adventurer traveller boss girlfriend friends sleep mask eye mask

Wake Me Up Before You Go Sleep Mask ($4)

You’ll get a special bear hug from the sleeping beauty in your life when you surprise them with this eye mask, complete with a soothing gel pack!

tobi.com - nancy knit pom pom beanie source: tobi.com

Nancy Knit Pom Pom Beanie ($22)

Let’s be honest–beanies aren’t going anywhere. This gorgeous knitted beanie, topped off with a cute oversized faux fur pom pom, will go with any winter outfit!


tobi.com - sass & belle yay ceramic jewelry plate source: tobi.com

Sass & Belle Yay Ceramic Jewelry Plate ($12)

Just like your favorite fall holiday drinks, but for your face! The peppermint oil in this mask works especially well with acne-prone skin.

tobi glamour all tied up trio nail polish source: tobi.com

Glamour All Tied Up Trio Nail Polish ($22)

Nail polish speaks louder than words. Get your BFF three stylish colors for their nail art obsession.