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10 Leftover Turkey Recipes to Try Now! source: theseasonedmom.com
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10 Leftover Turkey Recipes to Try Now!

Alas, Thanksgiving festivities have come to an end and we’re all resuming school or work–but we still gotta eat! If you were the lucky recipient of an abundance of leftover turkey, put it to good use by throwing together some delicious meals for the rest of your week. These leftover turkey recipes are great for taking to work, school, or wherever you’re going. Don’t let perfectly good food go to waste–ever!

Don’t let perfectly good food go to waste–ever!

It’s getting cooler this season, and the perfect remedy for cold weather are some wholesome hot dishes. Your coworkers will be so jealous of your home-cooked meals that you might need to share! Salads, soups, sandwiches, casseroles, pastries, and more are excellent ways to give your leftover turkey from Thanksgiving an update. If you’ve got a bunch of other Thanksgiving leftovers in your fridge aside from turkey, like cranberry sauce, gravy, stuffing, green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, chicken, or roasted sweet potatoes, you can totally use them for meals for the next few days! They already go together in Thanksgiving dinners, they’ll probably go together in other meals too!

No leftover turkey meat on hand? Substitute any of these recipes with chicken!

Wild Rice Turkey Soup

leftover turkey recipes- wild rice turkey soup source: theseasonedmom.com

Delicious & hearty, this wild rice soup can put together easily, but pack some flavor with the richness of the broth, turkey (of course), and fork tender carrots and celery. If your family members totally butchered their turkey by forgetting to brine, or even overcooked the turkey to complete dryness (turkey breast is usually the worst in this case), adding the dry and overcooked meat to a soup is the best method for masking it!

Leftover Turkey in Creamy Mushroom Sauce

leftover turkey recipes- turkey mushroom gravy sauce source: natashaskitchen.com

Put your leftovers to good use with a rich, creamy sauce! You can top this over whatever rice you have on hand, or pasta! If you love creamy, you’ll adore this delicious turkey recipe.

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Leftover Turkey Shepherd’s pie

leftover turkey recipes - shepherd's pie source: bakedbyrachel.com

Nothing like a heaping pile of shepherd’s pie to fill your tummy around the holidays. If you’ve got some leftover mashed potatoes too, you can totally toss them into this dish instead of making a fresh batch! The cheddar cheese on top will make a beautiful crust as the dish is baking, which really adds an oomph to the dish that we’re totally down with. Oh, and definitely don’t forget to finish off with gravy!

Turkey Thai Curry

leftover turkey recipes - turkey curry source: simplystacie.net

Not what you’d expect from turkey leftovers, but this dish will brighten up your palette in a pinch! Instead of making a traditional casserole, why not take your dish international with some spicy thai curry? This recipe is a great way to reinvent your Thanksgiving turkey. Throw in veggies like carrots and bell peppers to balance the dish.

Turkey Bacon Brie Grilled Cheese Sandwich

leftover turkey recipes- turkey brie grilled cheese source: wineandglue.com

Turkey sandwiches are one of the easiest ways to make use of all that turkey! If you’re like us and you love brie and keep it stocked in the fridge at all times, you’ll love this turkey breast recipe. This turkey sandwich is easy to put together, and totally elevated from what you can buy from a sandwich shop. We’re not even afraid to alter the recipe a bit by adding some stuffing & cranberry sauce from the Thanksgiving leftovers!

Turkey Poutine

leftover turkey recipes - turkey poutine source: rockrecipes.com

Um, YES. Who can say no to poutine? Thick cut fries work best with this dish. We’re not skimping on the dressing, either! Take your roasted turkey to the next level with this delicious side dish. You need some protein with those carbs right? If you want something a little lighter, you can even air-fry your potatoes!

Leftover Turkey Frittata

leftover turkey recipes- turkey frittata source: diethood.com

This carb-free option is a great way to balance out your weekend of indulgence. Your roast turkey leftovers won’t taste dry when you sneak it into this frittata, so if you’ve got family members who have eaten more turkey than they ever wanted in the first place, you’ll definitely want to try this easy recipe!

 Turkey Tetrazzini

leftover turkey recipes - turkey etrazzini source: thelifejolie.com

If you haven’t tried a Turkey Tetrazzini, this is the perfect opportunity to! Put that Thanksgiving dinner to use by whipping up this delicious noodle dish you can totally make ahead of time.

Caramelized Onion & Cream Cheese Turkey Enchiladas

leftover turkey recipes - enchiladas source: auntbeesrecipes.com

Revamp that perfectly brined and roasted leftover turkey by whipping together enchiladas! Ooey-gooey, creamy, enveloped in tortillas, baked in the oven to melty perfection–what more could you ask for?

Turkey Apple Cranberry Pecan Salad

leftover turkey recipes - turkey apple cranberry pecan salad source: reneeskitchenadventures.com

Lastly, something that isn’t a hot dish, but just as delicious, is the classic turkey salad! Got any extra apples & pecans from baking pies? Dice up your turkey, apples, & pecan, and toss them into a refreshing Thanksgiving themed salad. Top with cranberries and you’ve got yourself and excellent, no-cooking-required entree or appetizer! The sweet & tangy flavors of this mayo-based dressing really rounds out the salad.

There’s our lineup of delicious ways to not waste that turkey leftover from Thanksgiving dinner! We’re definitely mind-blown by the decadence of these recipes, and how utterly creative they are. No more wasting food after this holiday!