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20+ Pets in Halloween Costumes That Are SO GOOD, We Just Can’t Anymore source: womensday.com
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20+ Pets in Halloween Costumes That Are SO GOOD, We Just Can’t Anymore

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! We hope you’ve had enough scares this past weekend celebrating the festivities (or still are, if Halloween hasn’t ended for you yet). We’ve been spending the weekend at costume parties and binge-watching scary movies and TV shows like Stranger Things, but we’re happy now to kick off Halloween day with some sweet fur babies in some of the cutest/creepiest/creative costumes we’ve seen!

source: GIPHY

All you pet mamas & papas get it…getting your fur babies into costumes is oh-so worth it. Obvi, for the ‘gram and the memories!

Whether you’re joining your pet in the fun in your own costumes or not, Fido will enjoy the ample amounts of treats for his patience with us humans anyway. Win-win, right? We’d like to think so.

Happy Pupper-ween!

1-bad-pet-costumes source: boredomtherapy.com
  1. Pup or Teddy bear?

    TY beanie baby dog diy costume source: womensday.com

  2. Grandmother, is that you?

    grandma wolf dog costume source: womensday.com

  3. Count Barkula
    When your dog is impressively in character in his costume..

    dog dracula halloween costume source: womensday.com

  4. Chia Dog
    DIY gods rejoice–this one is seriously so real, it’s good!

    chia pet dog diy costume source: theflirtyguide.com

  5. Banana Kitty
    “soft kitty, warm kitty”… banana kitty?

    instagram banana kitty source: instagram

    And then, there are people who seem to find the best possible costume for their pets..

  6. Imperial Walker or Greyhound?

    robot dog source: GIPHY

  7. Cat in the Hat (literally)

    cat in the hat costume kitty source: Pinterest

  8. Frankenpup frankenweenie dog costume diy source: boredpanda.com

    Some pet owners have gotten seriously creative… I mean, just look..

  9. Cerberus
    This dog seems to be aware of his inherent badass-ness as Cerberus from the HP franchise.

    halloween dog costume - three headed dog harry potter source: boredpanda.com

  10. I don’t think that’s your grandmother, Red..

    red riding hood and grandmother costume with dog source: imgur

  11. Pug Wars

    star wars pug costumes source: instagram

  12. Guinea Pig-achu
    Guinea pigs can join in on the Halloween fun, too! This one’s surely nailed it.

    guinea pig costume pikachu source: huffingtonpost.com

  13. Wow such accurate

    shiba inu doge costume source: knowyourmeme.com

  14. Yea, we thought “wtf” too.
    We just can’t stop laughing with this one though. WHO DID THIS!?

    halloween dog costume source: Giphy

  15. Not-so-Toothless

    toothless dog costume source: puplife.com

  16. ET phone home.

    ET dog and human costume diy source: mainandpch.com

  17. Soo… how about those Scooby Snacks?

    scooby doo and shaggy diy costumes source: boredomtherapy.com

  18. Pup-rus

    frenchie dog walrus costume source: boredomtherapy.com

  19. Shaken, not stirred.

    martini dog costume cone source: boredomtherapy.com

  20. Arghh, Kitties! pirate kitty source: giphy


  21. Umbreon.. is that you?!

    halloween pet costume source: costume-works.com