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Troll-approved gag gifts to fool the whole fam source: unsplash.com

Troll-approved gag gifts to fool the whole fam


Written by Jessica Moore


Gag Gifts Galore!

Ohh the holiday cheer! Surrounding yourself with friends, family, good food, meaningful conversations, end of the year expressions of gratitude and love…oh yeah, and tricking your friends and fam with hilarious GAG GIFTS. Sounds like the holidays to us!

We’ve all been to a holiday party with at least one or two people pulling out all the stops with hysterical, ROFL-type o’ gifts that are hilariously memorable. These partygoers can resuscitate the sometimes insufferable white elephant festivities (you know, the ones that take forever and can sometimes be a hit or miss, if we’re being honest). They’re the life of the party and we all know it. 

Be that person this year! We’ve compiled our favorite 2017 gag gifts to make the funniest memories this holiday season. They will raise eyebrows. They will make bellies hurt from too much laughter. And you will win the holidays.

  1. Unicorn Farts ($10)

    bag of unicorn farts cotton candy source:bagoffarts.com

    Just so we’re on the same page…unicorns exist right? Ok good, because BagofFarts.com has somehow found an ingenious way to capture the magical essence of unicorn farts they’ve dubbed as the “caviar of farts.” Good news for concerned animal rights advocates: these are “free-range” unicorns that feed on a healthy diet of “jellybean bushes” and “fruitcake found in the candycane forest,” so no unicorns are ever harmed in the process of acquiring the magical gas.

    Let’s start off with something a little more on the gentler side of trickery. It’s cotton candy. And who doesn’t love cotton candy?

  2. Moist Mug ($10)

    moist mug gag gifts source: amazon.com

    We all have that one friend that loses their sh*t if someone utters the word “moist.” Best to infuriate them by purchasing this elegant floral mug with gorgeous gold calligraphy because your friend can be a little extra from time to time.

  3. Baguette Slippers ($17)

    baguette slippers source: amazon.com

    Baguette slippers for the gluten-obsessed! Your gluten intolerant friends will love this gift too: if you can’t eat baguettes, at least you can plant your feet in them! Oh, you didn’t hear? It’s all the rage in Paris.

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  4. Crib Dribbler by Prank Pack ($8)

    prank gift box: crib dribbler source: amazon.com

    Crib dribbler: a disturbing “feeding system” that dispenses milk from a crib, similar to, oh you know, a hamster feeder. Prank Box has the best gift boxes to hide your real gift inside. They make sooo many other boxes, like the Earwax Candle Kit and the Beer Beard.

  5.  Kim K Prayer Candle ($15)

    kim kardashian prayer candle source: celebrityprayercandles.com

    These days, the Kardashians are everywhere, and everyone has an opinion on each member of the family. We bet you can name a few people in your circle who could care less about this titan family, and others who passionately despise everything Kardashian (we bet you can name a few people in your circle).

    Why not give those friends a Kim Kardashian prayer candle and see the priceless look on their faces?

  6. Poo-Pourri ($15)

    poo-pourri before you go bathroom spray source: amazon.com

    Technically speaking, this gag gift has a very helpful function: you spray poo-pourri, a special blend of essential oils, in the toilet before you do your business, and voila! No stink, no bathroom odor! It’s small so it makes a great stocking stuffer for your especially smelly friends or significant other. Include a poop emoji plush toy for some added gag.

  7. Go Girl ($9)

    go girl gag gift source: amazon.com

    Speaking of functional, here’s a gift to give all the ladies who ever wished they could pee standing up just like the guys (without making a mess of things). This female urination device is discreet, which makes it perfect for your BFFS to bring with them to their favorite festival and camping!
    Every been to a public restroom stall in an emergency, only to find that it’s absolutely disgusting? Hello, go girl. This gift
    seems like a prank, but really your girlfriends will be thanking you later.

    And there you have it! See, these gag gifts aren’t too bad, right? Don’t be a grinch! The holidays are all about having fun, so make sure to pick up your fav gag gifts and make everyone you love laugh!

    Maybe you’ve bought a couple from the gag gift list and you’re looking to buy your white elephant a little something more on the serious side. Look no further, there’s something for everyone in our ultimate holiday gift guide.