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LA Babes’ Guide: 7 Things to Do In LA in the Fall that aren’t Overhyped source: owen cl on unsplash.com
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LA Babes’ Guide: 7 Things to Do In LA in the Fall that aren’t Overhyped


Written by Jessica Moore


Fall in Los Angeles is a funny thing.

Living in Los Angeles, a city renowned for its impeccable weather all year long, comes at the slightest cost: there’s not an overwhelming sense of autumn when it finally arrives. The oppressive heat of summer ends, as do the lively summer indulgences, to welcome a quieter fall; but unlike the east coast vibrancy of its trees turning blazing red and gold, our iconic palm trees are impervious to those autumnal changes. The weather only dips a few measly degrees, and in no time, it’s November and you can’t quite tell what time of year it is or where the year has gone.

Contrary to popular non-Angeleno belief, there are places in Los Angeles you can go to experience a taste of fall festivities. We’ve included our favorite, not-so-well-known LA fall activities to celebrate the cozy transition of the season. You can also enjoy most of these activities all year long! Let’s go off the beaten path and unearth the autumn in Los Angeles!

Descanso Gardens: Enchanted Forest

trees lit up by colorful lights in descanso gardens in the fall source: descansogardens.org

Find that signature fall foliage at the Descanso Gardens, located in La Cañada (that’s east L.A., babes!). Their botanical collections span diverse landscapes; from the illustrious 5-acre rose garden and a vast and towering oak forest, to the tranquility of their meticulously manicured Japanese garden, after a while you’ll forget you’re in Los Angeles, or in a city at all. There, you’ll be greeted with soft green lily pads and the faintest trickle of water. Follow that trickle and it will lead to a striking waterfall and an observation deck overlooking a peaceful pond with sun-bathing turtles. If you’re lucky, you can spot the occasional wildlife (deer and rabbits!), and children laughing as they circle the promenade on the Enchanted Railroad Train, (don’t worry babes, you can ride the train too!).

During mid-November through January, the Descanso Gardens offers guests a special interactive nighttime experience called Enchanted Forest, a one-mile walk through the grounds, which transform into a fantastical technicolor dream. The gardens are bathed in alluring color that casts uncanny shadows, creating a magnificent yet haunting spectacle. Get your tickets here starting October 16, and don’t forget to stop and smell the neon roses!

Hollywood Farmers’ Market in the Fall

people in los angeles shopping at the Hollywood Farmers' Market source: flickr.com

Witness the Sunday bustle as you pick your favorite fall produce (perhaps, for a Buddha Bowl) at the Hollywood Farmers’ Market. There’s a beautiful hum throughout the market–whether that’s the distant call of a baker or the gentle playings of a pop up band just out of earshot, there’s something remarkable about this market. The pace is contrary to most places in Los Angeles, in that is more of a gentle commotion of Angelenos taking their time while talking to farmers and vendors. You’ll probably even spot a celebrity going about their day! Make sure to pick up a pie from Cobblermania, featuring all of our favorite fall pies made with raw, organic agave. It’s a perfect sweet treat to nibble on while you people-watch in the heart of Hollywood.

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Oktoberfest: Alpine Village

Can’t make it to Germany for their yearly beer drinking shenanigans? That’s just fine, because Los Angeles will bring the German festivities to you! Alpine Village in Torrance hosts the oldest and largest Oktoberfest in Los Angeles. Complete with German beer (duh), pretzels, traditional sausages and schnitzels, and live music, you’ll be in for a wild time. Grab a stein or a das boot and bask in boisterous beer hall sounds. Sign up for a drinking contest (if you dare). Shake it all off while dancing to one of Alpine’s rambunctious oom-pah bands. It’s a fall German tradition you’ll never (or totally) forget! And babes, make sure to wear a drindl to get in the Munich spirit!

Red Lion Tavern

LA Fall Activities: beer drinkers in red lion tavern's patio source: redliontavern.net

While we’re on the subject of sipping fine Bavarian brews, discover the charms of the best beer garden in East L.A., The Red Lion Tavern, which is also the oldest German bar in Los Angeles. Snuggle up downstairs while you listen to a pianist play jazzy tunes, or make your way upstairs to the beautiful outdoor patio plastered with German-themed decor. It’s close quarters–perfect for cold(ish) Fall nights. They serve up some hearty traditional German cuisine, so make sure you come hungry!

The Cinefamily’s Silent Movie Theatre

Relive the classics and pay homage to the city that has produced the best entertainment in the world by watching a film at the Silent Movie Theatre. Cinefamily is a non-profit organization that aims to revitalize film culture in L.A. by promoting  the “spirit of community and a sense of discovery.” They average 14 shows per week, oftentimes with live music, poetry, Q&As, and cult films you’ve probably never seen before. Don’t worry–they have talkies if silent movies aren’t your thing. Catching a flick in the fall is one of the best American pastimes, and what better place to experience a new film than in this historic Hollywood institution.

Highland Park Bowl

highland park bowl source: eater.com

Take date night to the next vintage level by paying a visit to the oldest bowling alley in Los Angeles, the Highland Park Bowl. Restored to its original 1920s aesthetic, this antiquated bowling alley is a true historic gem. Spend an afternoon indoors surrounded by its ornate decor and fabulously refurbished facade. Ponder what it would be like to live and bowl during the prohibition era as you sip on one of their handcrafted cocktails. Fun fact: during the 1920s, the space was both a bowling alley and a pharmacy; patients would get prescriptions for medicinal whiskey, then head to the lanes for a bowl and a drink!

Dodger Game

friday night fireworks over the dodger stadium source: latfusa.com

With the Dodgers likely to win the World Series this fall (GO BLUE!), Dodger Stadium will be packed with L.A. pride. It’s the LA thing to do! Grab a Dodger dog, a beer, wear your best blue outfit and get ready to cheer (if you can afford the nearly $900 ticket to get in). You’ll witness the spirit of L.A. right in that stadium. The stadium revamped their concession stands (yaaas!)! There are now copious options other than the classic Dodger dogs, like veggie dogs, and specialty cocktails. The stadium even sells garlic parmesan tater tots, deep fried twinkies, and funnel cake!

During the regular season, you should catch a Friday night game! After the last inning, there’s a fireworks show to send you off as you embark on your late night plans. We suggest heading over to the Echo for some live music and dancing, which is less than five minutes away. If you need to get your dive bar fix or you’re looking for a pregame hangout that Dodger fans adore, we recommend the Gold Room, which is just a short walk from the ballpark. Batter up!